Cardinals finally fly after mechanical issues ground plane for hours

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Cardinals plane

The Cardinals’ plane to Boston was grounded Tuesday evening after mechanical errors left the National League champs stranded on the tarmac.

The Redbirds were stuck waiting for six hours to get back to the East Coast for what could be their final game.  Boston leads the series 3-2 heading into Game 6 on Wednesday.

News of the Cardinals plane problems immediately got the Internet’s meme creators working after an obstruction call on the Red Sox gave the Cardinals a 5-4 victory in Game 3.

While the Cardinals hadn’t scheduled a work out Wednesday, and players said they were dealing well with the delay.

“Everyone is just watching movies,” pitcher Michael Wacha told ESPN. “They’ve got dinner on here for us and stuff. Everyone is just walking around. Nobody is in a bad mood or anything like that. The attitude is pretty good.”

The team finally boarded a new plane after 8 p.m. and finally departed for New England.




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