NYPD Commissioner Kelly apologizes for statement about Avonte Oquendo search

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LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens (PIX11) – “He apologized for what he said,” Vanessa Fontaine,  Avonte Oquendo’s mother said, huddled in a cold tent.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly took a special trip out to the Long Island City Command Center to apologize to Avonte’s family for comments he made Thursday. Kelly said he was not hopeful the teen would be found alive.
The apology gave Daniel Oquendo a new found respect for Commissioner Kelly. Oquendo said, “He is a stand up guy, a respectful man and I appreciate all that he is doing. “
Meantime, its been more than three weeks since Avonte went missing.  A massive rally is scheduled for Sunday to come up with another search plan. Local politicians are expected to attend.