Parts of Prospect Park to close for President Obama’s helicopter arrival

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PROSPECT PARK (PIX11) – There’s confusion tonight over just how much the President’s visit to Brooklyn Friday will affect Prospect Park.  Will it be shut down or not?

All Thursday evening people  jogged and biked in the park but some of it will be off limits Friday afternoon. President Barack Obama is coming to Brooklyn and some of the park will closed so his chopper can land.

Lifelong resident Mike Cerulli told PIX 11 News,”I was looking it up and no president has ever been here to Prospect Park so I’m glad he’s coming.”

Alex Koltchak of Windsor Terrace hear helicopters and saw what’s believed to be a practice run for the president’s visit.  “I heard them before I saw them.  And I stuck my head out my kitchen window and saw what I presumed was Marine One and thought it was unbelievable.  So I ran out the door and saw the other one coming down over the tree line.”

Initially it was reported all 538 acres of park land would be closed to joggers and others from noon until six. Now the Prospect Park Alliance says some sections will remain open.

Joggers who may be getting ready for the New York City Marathon and find themselves shut out of Prospect Park will have an alternative  but its strange.  Green-Wood Cemetery will open its gates to runners from noon to 6. ” I think its fine. I’ll run in here.” said jogger Casey Wurzbach. “I have relatives here. I don’t think its disrespectful to run past and say hi.”

All of this is happening so the president can visit P-TECH…. A high school that takes students and  teaches them the  skills they need to graduate with a diploma and an associates degree.  The President praised the school in his State of the Union Address.”Now at schools like P-TECH on Brooklyn, students will graduate with a high school diploma and an associates degree in computers or engineering.  We need to give every American student opportunities like this.” Obama said in 2012.

After visiting the school the President will attend two fundraisers before returning to Washington.