Neighbors question NYC’s latest traffic and pedestrian safety campaign

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The NYC Department of Transportation’s latest traffic and pedestrian safety campaign has caught the attention of some neighbors in Staten Island.

It is being called “daylighting.”

A department spokesperson describes it as part of NYC DOT’s street-safety toolkit which helps provide clearer sight lines for drivers and pedestrians as they approach the intersection.

Neighbors with the Richmondtown and Clarke Avenue Civic Association initially requested some safety enhancements on the block. There is a school at the corner of Natick Street and Maplewood in the borough of Staten Island.

Alex Psomas and his mom have a home across from the school. New parking regulations showed up in front of their home (not in front of the school).

They say they noticed the new signs on the corner this summer. The family says people continue to pull into the spaces. “For 55 years there has never been an accident. It’s a private residence. Obviously, you made a mistake,” Psomas said.

PIX11’s Greg Mocker has asked the community association about the specifics of its request.

NYC DOT is looking at the location to see if adjustments can be made, according to a department spokeswoman.