Mom of girl with dead baby in bag didn’t know she was pregnant: attorney

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – It’s the story that baffled many of us;  police found a baby in a teen’s bag at Victoria’s Secret last week. That teen, 17-year-old Tiona Rodriguez has since been charged with shoplifting and could possibly face murder charges pending autopsy reports.

Tuesday on the PIX11 Morning News, we heard from her lawyer Genay Ann Leitman who discussed how the teen is doing now, why she was set free by the judge and what’s next.

Leitman said that there was no reason to hold Rodriguez on the shoplifting charge and that the public should not make assumptions regarding the dead baby found in her bag.

Autopsy results of dead baby in bag inconclusive: Medical Examiner

Attorney Genay Leitman says Tionna Rodriguez’s mother did not even know her daughter was pregnant.

“Her own mother didn’t know she was pregnant,” Leitman revealed. “It’s not even a matter if she was pregnant, it’s a matter if she caused the death of the infant.”

“Trying to think about what she’s going through,” Letiman said. “That’s something a psychiatrist will have to look into. We’re just scratching the surface right now, we just got the case and there’s a lot of investigation that has to be done. But at this point, my case is a petit larceny.”

“She’s very traumatized right now. The press is all over the apartment,” Leitman said of Rodriguez’s mental state. “She can’t go back to school, she’d be in danger.”

When asked if the baby found was born alive or not, Leitman said she could not answer that because she doesn’t have any medical reports yet.

“The prosecutor at this point doesn’t know what to charge her with. Is it murder, is it manslaughter, is it criminally negligent homicide or is it nothing?” Leitman said. “He has to be able to prove that she caused or facilitated the death of that infant, and if he can’t do that, he can’t charge her.”

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