Jets fan punches woman but his mom says it was in self defense

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NEW YORK (PIX11) –The brutality at football games usually comes on the field — so video of a Jets fan punching a female Patriots fan went viral fast, but the man’s mother is speaking out saying the video doesn’t tell the whole story.

The ugly incident took place after the Jets beat the Patriots Sunday in a close game at MetLife Stadium.  Colleen Paschke is the mother of Kurt Paschke, the 38-year-old who threw the punch — PIX11 spoke with her inside his van, a decked-out green homage to his favorite team.


She was by his side at the game and says the conflict built up long before what the video shows.  Colleen says the insults escalated after the Jets won following an official’s call that gave them a second chance at a game-winning field goal.  Someone outside their group threw a beer at the group of Patriots fans, according to Colleen, and the fight escalated from there.

“My son just turned around to try to defend himself and that’s when he hit her,” Colleen said.  “He did not hit her deliberately.”

A second camera angle shows a blonde girl charging at Kurt, wearing a No. 80 Wayne Chrebet jersey and wailing at the Long Island bartender as he hits back.

“A guy should not hit a girl but when you have a maniac girl, I mean, you have to defend yourself,” Colleen said.

New information is emerging about Kurt Paschke, the son of a Suffolk County cop who did three years of jail time after fatally stabbing a 17-year-old during a fight at a Sayville pizza parlor.  “He does have a past — when he was 17 years old — so he knows that when there is an altercation you run, you don’t put yourself in that position,” his mother said.

All parties were detained and interviewed by police — no charges have been filed against either side.


Man above, wearing a No. 80 Wayne Chrebet jersey, punches a woman in the face and is held back while exiting the stadium.



  • Melissa

    That does not look like it was a mistake to me on the gentleman part clearly she was the only girl standing and pushing his back the guy he ws in a fight with came long after that punch to her

    • Mike

      She deserved it. Keep your hands to yourself, or face the consequences, man or women. Those girls were clearly acting crazy. If charges are filed, every one of those patriot fans that were hitting the guy should be prosecuted as well.

  • Chanel

    He was wrong period having no self control. His mother is just trying to justify his actions. He knew he was hitting a woman!

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