Cops: White couple attacked by group of black youths near Kings Plaza

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BROOKLYN (PIX11)– A couple was viciously attacked on Monday by a group of black youths in Brooklyn.

The incident took place at an intersection near the Kings Plaza Shopping Center around 7 p.m.

Police say the group of 10 kids including one girl, ranging in ages 12 to 18, surrounded the white couple’s car in Brooklyn. They senselessly beat the husband and yanked the wife to the ground by her hair.

According to authorities the group was yelling racial slurs at the two including “get those crackers!” and “get that white whore!”


The victims of the incident are Ronald Russo and his wife Alanna.

The confrontation began when the group was crossing Avenue U at East 58th Street. The couple says the kids were in the middle of the intersection while they had a green light. Russo honked his horn at the group to move. They started kicking his car. When Russo got out to see if there was damage, that’s when they attacked.

Russo suffered a fractured nose, broken septum, a blood clot and a shoulder injury. His wife got a black eye and had trouble breathing.

Three teenagers and the young girl of the group were arrested at a nearby Lowe’s a few minutes after the attack.

Cops are searching for six more suspects.

The couple was treated for their injuries and both are expected to be okay.


  • Dwayne

    I never expect anything like this to happen in an area like Kings Plaza.
    I been in this area for the last 12 years and this is a total shock. I am disgusted to see only black folks would do this.

    • Sha'Quan

      I think the parents should get more involved in their kids lives and should be held responsible along with the kids to send a message and a wake up call. I don't think it's just black kids I think because they are black is why it's being publicized especially in the wake of the motorcycle incident. We really have to put a stop to this behavior

      • shadow

        The Real issue is the parenting. If you dont have the financial capability or parenting skills, please don't give birth. You are bring the children to hell.

  • Sebby

    absolutely incredible! I used to live near there many years ago…would never expect something like that to happen in that area. My heart goes out to the poor couple… may they fully recover from their injuries.

    • Gangsta

      Back when Brooklyn was Brooklyn this would never happen, they stood in there poor neighborhoods and wouldnt fuck with white people because they would of known better , now these kids think they are big tough guys and in gangs, yeah ok, bring Brooklyn back and wipe the streets with these black scumbaggs

  • Robert

    Where is sharpton now if that was a black couple he would be closing down the mall with protest this only proves that he's the real racist

    • HKL


      • Realtalk

        The kids did not get run over by the car so Al Sharpton would not be there :) Did you read the article? The kids were in the middle of the street when the lights turned green. I bet that attempted to scare the kids blowing their horn and driving up towards them pissing the kids off. Rule 1: NEVER EVER get out of your car in such a situation. I guess he didn't hear about last month's biker activity. When he got out of the car those kids went into fight or flight and probably thought he was coming after them.

  • Ellehandra Spaas

    I agree Al Sharpton is a racial shit starter not all african Americans like him….. Cause in some cases the African American is wrong and he still stands behind them ugh smh

  • Manning18

    I totally expected something like this to happen, most (but not all) of the people that hang out in the vicinity of that mall are absolutely despicable. Between the loud mouth trouble starting teens and the dollar van drug dealers smoking weed on the sidewalk and starting "turf wars", this was bound to happen. They need to clean that area up, I can't count how many times I've seen a fight on those corners or someone running out of the mall with a load of stolen merchandise. I'm not a racist or anything but everyone needs to wake up. I see sooooo many racist black people that HATE whites & start shit with strangers for NO REASON other than the fact they're complexion is different, I've dealt with this many times. This is ridiculous we are in 2013 going into 2014, when will this end? Never, it just keeps getting worse. Sorry to say you will most likely never see the majority of attacks on white folks like you do with black folks and to be honest whites actually became the minority a long time ago. There is good and bad in EVERY race and EVERY place, end of story.

  • Pat

    Racists….of course not….they just be poh kids from poh families that know no better……BULLSHIT!!!!!! Jail time all around

    • Gangsta

      True what it comes down to that they are animal savages and if you “racial profile” your wrong, meanwhile most crimes in Brooklyn are from the black folks

  • Gangsta

    These fuckin niggers should be taught a lesson, bring it back old school and bury a fucking bat in their skulls

  • Guest man

    Those buses (B41 and B47) bring in nothing but trouble. Those dollar vans are no better…. Honestly if they can't be controlled they should not be allowed in area where families are going about there business… Where were the cops during all this? Why hasn't any videos shown up yet? Kings Plaza draws a big crowd. With the holiday season coming up I am expecting more of this bull shit.

    That mall has gone down hill over the years, does nothing but draw in a bad crowd.

  • greg

    What a senseless act of violence ….why would it be anything about race …I mean it was a white couple attacked by no African Americans kids yelling racial slurs. Its only a hate crime when its the other way around..right SMS. These kids unfortunately are products of their environment which says alot about the parents …criminals like this will never be able to play an important role in society lock them up so they can drain taxpayers of our money…..or put them down like rabid animals

  • Jim

    That's it. 33 seconds on this story? Disgusting liberal media kissing black but. If the teens were white and the victims were black it would have been the biggest story of the week. What a double standard.

  • T1215ss

    I called newsday and asked them why this was not in the newsday paper, when there is a white on black crime it's on the front page for days . It seems that white on black crime sells papers and black on white crime does not warrant news print, the Post, The daily news, and the NY.Times did not have the Racial crime on their front page , you can bet if it was in reverse it sure would have been and for days especially if there was a women involved

    • PeopleSuck

      Black on white crime doesn't sell papers because it's EXPECTED. Shit like that happens every day, but because most of them have lower incomes, they're automatically assumed to be "lower class" in which such behavior is not announced because it is indeed expected in our society. Bet ya if my family and I were of darker complexion and the dirty cocaine dealing NYPD cop that emptied his full clip on my mother was white, I'd be a millionaire right now. But because it's in reverse there is no compensation. Not like I'd expect it. But of course as soon as a black person gets killed or dies all they look for is money. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck.

  • priscilla

    My parents were harassed on Ave. M and East 14th St by students from Edward R. Murrow HS. They cross the street in droves of at least 30 kids at once. The light changed my dad honked the horn and around 4 black students began banging on their car windows. I CALLED 911-311- AND THE DEAN'S OFFICE OF THE HIGH SCHOOL. They didn't seem to give a shit. This behavoir is out of control……wake up you zombies …….

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