‘Somebody in that school should be held accountable’: Al Sharpton joins the search for Avonte

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After more than two weeks of searching, Avonte Oquendo’s family turns to the Reverend Al Sharpton and members of the nation action network for help.

In front of a packed house in Harlem, Avonte’s father makes please for his safe return.

“We just want to request that everyone take 5 minutes just to look,” he said. “If we pay a little more attention to each other we may be able to see things.”

Sharpton says things are still not clear as far as what happened at Avonte’s school and that there are unanswered questions.

“Somebody in that school should be held accountable,” said Sharpton.

Avonte went missing Friday, Oct 4. when he was seen on surveillance video running out of his Long Island City school.

Since his disappearance hundreds of volunteers and police are looking all over for him. Police are using helicopters and special infrared technology in subway tunnels to find him.

Police have also released a photo of the exact shirt he was wearing when he went missing.

His mother’s voice can been heard around the city coming from a truck to try and get Avonte back.

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  • Patricia R.

    We had a similar case in DC where a young autisic boy, 11yrs old walked out his front door on a Sunday morning and when his sibling went inside to tell the mother, he was gone. There was a heavy search. They found him about 3 days later in an abondoned car in the back alley near their home. It was hot out so the heat had taken his life I believe. PLEASE spread the word to look in any car, parked car, abandoned car…any place that would seem obvious and unlikely to an adult but could be a place of safety and comfort to a child. This story breaks my heart.

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