Brooklyn teen bringing awareness to speeding with teddy bears

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PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn (PIX11) – 13-year-old Alison Collard de Beaufort is one Park Slope teen that has turned a tragedy into something inspiring.

When Alison found out that one of her classmates had been hit by a car and killed last week, she bought 40 teddy bears from Ikea and spent two days strapping the bears to street lights to remind drivers to slow down. “I didn’t want to see another friend of mine die,” Alison said. Her classmate Sammy Cohen-Eckstein, 12, died October 8 after he was hit by a van on Prospect Park West and Third Street.

But Alison took concrete action. The eighth-grader decided that drivers on the busy intersection needed a reminder that Park Slope is filled with kids and they need to slow down. Alison is hoping people who see the stuffed animals will think of Sammy.  Some parents touched by the story asked for sweeping changes, including stop signs in bike lanes and a slow zone at the park entrances at Third Street and Ninth Street.

A DOT spokesman said the agency will review his request and that speed is the number one cause of traffic fatalities. They also said they are working to cut speeding by installing speed cameras and creating neighborhood slow zones.


  • ktrs

    I find this reporting not only grotesque, but also missing the point entirely. Yes, a nice neighborhood girl hung up some Teddy bears from Ikea in honor of Sammy, a very lovely gesture, but behind her is the grieving family who lost their dear 12 year-old son a week ago, bravely coming out to talk about traffic safety so that others wouldn't have to experience their unimaginable sorrow, and the reporter is going on about the teddy bears and the girl who put them up. Amy and Gary are my dear friends, and Sammy was a dear friend of my son's, and so this coverage sickens me on a personal level, but it's just badly done, speaking objectively. They lost their son a week ago, and the perky reporter is focusing on a teddy bear tribute. Shameful.

  • bobby davies

    I salute the actions of Alison Collard de Beaufort. I do not salute the reporting of Monica Morales. The way in which she delivered this story is disgraceful. This is not the weather or some kind of celebrity gossip. she should be ashamed of herself. And so should this media station. Disgusting.

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