With only 1 medical marijuana dispensary in NJ, Grandma resorts to buying street pot

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Would you do something illegal to save your life? What about to help someone you love?

That’s exactly the situation one New Jersey family is faced with.

Is the state of New Jersey playing politics with people’s lives? Medical marijuana became state law more than three years ago.

Whether for cancer, glaucoma, children or the terminally ill, a prescription doesn’t mean you can get pot, leaving the suffering to say they’re literally dying to get some marijuana.

Betty — not her real name — is a self proclaimed lawbreaker. After being told her rare form of liver cancer would kill her in a few months, the 70-year-old tried filling a medical marijuana prescription in New Jersey but got nowhere. The state has three medical marijuana dispensaries but only one is operating.

“Without it, I’d be dead,” Betty said. “I couldn’t eat, I was throwing up constantly. I lost 45 pounds.”

Through research, Betty found that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, would bring back her appetite, cut down her dependency on pain medication and shrink her tumor.

Facing hurtle after hurtle trying to fill her prescription, Betty chose to break the law: a friend from California cannabis oil pills and a family member bought her a pound of street pot.

Betty says that the marijuana allowed her to get her appetite back, gain weight and become healthy enough to have the tumor on her liver removed. She says she now has 20 more years to live.

“I have some energy and I feel better,” Betty said. “it’s been a Godsend. This stuff works.”


  • Hurtling hurdeler

    That would be "hurdle after hurdle". Hurtle is a verb meaning to travel with great speed/force. Ex…The asteroid hurtled towards earth.

  • kathy

    way to go! this is what we the people must do when it comes to unjust laws or greed or stupidity. when you are dieing, when you are ill and in pain and this medicine can solve your pain and kill your cancer and do so many other things, you do what must be done. it is really that simple. it is a way of nullifying stupidity in real time instead of a court room as a juror. cannabis oil cures cancer. it is really that simple. it also balances the body in many other ways. diabetes? it alleviates having to take insulin. high blood pressure? it alleviate it. there are so many things cannabis and hemp can do for our bodies, our earth, our world. the time has come to take back our power and wake up. please note: you cannot smoke cannabis to kill cancer cells, you must take cannabis oil, the extract of the plant. see Rick Simpson website.

  • obbop

    The ruling elites with their massive amounts of wealth would never be deprived as this mere despised commoner was.

    The time has come for Revolutionary War Two.

    Our rulers are, too often, greedy self-centered screw-the-masses scum who are the class enemies of the HUGE mass of We, the People.

  • Kim Crowe

    I wish they would have explained the reason as to why she was unable to fill a legal prescription at a licensed medical marijuana store as that makes little sense.

    • impreprex

      Because there is only one dispensery here in NJ. Also, the MMJ laws and implementation here are apparently a white wash. It's a joke.

      The amount of MMJ patients in NJ that are being treated with cannabis at the dispensaries are low in numbers, and it's very restricted.

      • SeeWhy

        you're right. my doc says she can't prescribe cannabis for my cancer because i'm not sick enough! are you freaking kidding me? She says almost impossible to meet standards necessary here in NJ. We MUST lift these ridiculous restrictions!! I want to live and if a weed can do it with NO side effects — Oh My God what are we waiting for? Does Big Pharma just totally own this state or what?

  • Drew Bright

    God put it in His garden and said it was good; Men demonize those who use it, abuse them with prison and forfeiture; DEA agents break down doors and shoot people's dogs to uproot a plant which can heal so many things…

  • Doctor Fine

    Dear Kim Crowe: You obviously have no experience with New Jersey Laws. The law passed three years ago. But thereis no marijuana for sale yet as the Governor won't allow stores to open. There was ONE store opened in Montclair that could handle 150 sick people. It overloaded and closed.

    Thank you Gov. Christie for doing this to us. Your phony sympathy will be the last thing a lot of dying New Jerseyians remember. And for your information they arrested a terminally sick man the other day and put him in prison for trying an end run around this jibber jabber.

    That is the way it works in this hell hole of a Nazi state of Nanny state do-gooders.

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