Mr. G visits classic Italian restaurant that IS Brooklyn

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Coney Island (PIX11)– Nino Russo, co-owner of the famed “Gargiulo’s Restaurant” in Coney Island has reason to sing.

His business is back and better than ever after getting hit hard by Superstorm Sandy.

Nino spent weeks of pumping the basement out, getting rid of all the garbage. Over 14 30-yard containers of just taking everything that they had for 30-50 years in the restaurant and throwing it right in the garbage.

Failing just wasn’t an option. Most of his family is employed by the restaurant. He has a staff of waiters and busboys and kitchen staff that most of them been here between 15 and 25 years. How do you tell them they don’t have a job or they cant come into work tomorrow?

The family run establishment, founded in 1907, is full of tradition. People leave Brooklyn, move to jersey, they move to Connecticut, they move, and every once in a while they come back in saying “oh i grew up here.” You get 80 year old women coming in here saying, “i had my communion here.” Its just a rock solid tradition here and they know when they come in here what they remembered as it used to be

While regulars love the warm and friendly atmosphere, it’s the food that keeps them coming back time and time again.

This Columbus Day weekend, all were invited to dine at Gaurguilo’s, at a discount.

Together with Gargiulos, 39 other Brooklyn Italian restaurants created something called Italian Restaurant Week. You can try some amazing Italian food in Brooklyn.

So head on down to Garguilo’s for time with your family, food, and fun!