Bill de Blasio blasts Joe Lhota’s new attack ad as ‘desperate’ and ‘divisive’

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Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio is blasting opponent Joe Lhota’s latest political attack ad, calling it “desperate” and “divisive.”

The ad shows video from last month’s melee on the West Side Highway, where a father was beaten by a gang of bikers while his wife and daughter were in the car. Graffiti covered subway cars and images that conjure memories of the crime riddled New York City of the ’80’s and early ’90s are also highlighted in the republican candidates TV spot.

“Bill de Blasio voted to take over 5,000 cops off our streets,” a narrator reads. “And de Blasio’s response to violent biker gangs? ‘Visit motorcycle clubs and talk to bikers.'”

The ad warns that de Blasio’s “recklessly dangerous agenda on crime” will bring New York City back to high crime and disorder.

“The images are so far over the top, it’s unbelievable that anybody responsible would ever have authorized such a thing,” said de Blasio in response to the ad.  “I think the people of New York City are going to be angry and disgusted by this ad.” De Blasio compared the ad to George H.W Bush’s Willie Horton ad of hiss 1988 Presidential campaign.

A spokesperson for Lhota defended the ad in an e-mail to the New York Times, saying, “Mr. de Blasio is lashing out because he knows New Yorkers don’t agree with his reckless and dangerous positions on crime.”