Banksy pops up again! Williamsburg piece garners attention from fans, the NYPD, and an eye doctor

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Williamsburg, BROOKLYN (PIX11)–  The latest creation by the artist Banksy was adoring the wall of a building at the intersection of Graham and Cook in Williamsburg.

One woman’s reaction? “I don’t like it.”

She may not be a fan. But Doctor Wayne Tabachnick is, although things were, “a little crazy.”

Dr. Tabachnick is the eye doctor whose office just happens to share the same wall as the painting.

When asked what was the wall of his office was worth yesterday? “Minus, minus dollars,” said Dr. Tabachnick.

As for its worth today?  “I have no idea. I’ve got all kinds numbers people are saying.”

Banksy’s branding is just as impressive as the value of his works. He has created substantial buzz via instagram and twitter.The notoriety generated has a throwback feel similar to the way wire-walker Philippe Petetit captured the city nearly 40 years ago.

During his month long residency Banksy has sold works on the cheap in Central Park, produced reflective pieces chronicling the city’s past and took a super-sized shot at McDonalds.

His website quotes Paul Cezanne with the inspirational theme behind the residency as, “All pieces painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside.”

However, the NYPD along with Mayor Bloomberg are not fans. “Graffiti does ruin people’s property,” said Bloomberg on Wednesday.

Although his images are striking and vibrant, the NYPD is staring at a dark mystery.  In fact the only way it can come into the clear according to one senior member of the NYPD is for someone to “drop a dime on him.”

It’s important to note Banksy is on to them as well. Showing off a tracking device on his website that his team found on one of its trucks.

While some may not track down the artist. There are plenty of others that do locate his works.

“I think young people are looking for creative outlets,” said one fan.

While some have a creative outlook, there are others that view it from a financial viewpoint.  Dr. Tabachnick told PIX 11 News je had already been approached by one operative who had emailed Sotheby’s.