Senate race to the finish in New Jersey includes allegations and name-calling

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HOBOKEN (PIX11) – Less than 24 hours until the polls open in New Jersey and the candidates for U.S. Senate are still using words like, “liberal” or “tea, as in tea party” to describe one another.

On Tuesday afternoon, Cory Booker emerged from the “Booker Bus” at a Senior Center in Bellville  for one of his several stops on the day.

After shaking hands and solidifying some votes, Booker spoke with PIX11 News about the awkward turn this race has taken at times.

Keep in mind Lonegan said that Booker seemed confused about his sexuality back in late August, only to make things more confusing once he tried to backpedal.

Then during the PIX 11 Morning News on Tuesday he tried to evade Kori Chambers questioning regarding Monday’s attack alleging that Cory Booker doesn’t live at his Newark home.

As for Booker’s take on Lonegan’s attacks?  “Today he might hold a press conference saying we want to see Cory Booker’s birth certificate, so this is the ridiculousness of this right now.  It’s all an attempt of the tea party leader of New Jersey to distract people from his extremist views.”

However, later in the day in Jersey City, during one of his 7 stops, Lonegan was more disciplined with his talking points, “I think every single resident of this country deserves the same treatment.”

What is intriguing is the treatment Lonegan is receiving from Governor Chris Christie.  The underdog admitted he wasn’t sure if the Governor was even going to join him at an event between today and tomorrow?  In fact the Governor hasn’t even mentioned Lonegan at all on twitter.  When asked if an appearance in the final 24 hours with the Governor would be beneficial?  Lonegan said, “You know at this point, I don’t, at this point we’re sort of locked in.”

In a race where Lonegan needs every vote he gets, turnout is expects to be low.

Keep in mind it is a special election.  Which means they’ll do it all over again next year.