‘She was better off dead’: Detectives reveal tragic details of Baby Hope’s short life

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QUEENS, New York (PIX11) – The Baby Hope case was not only a cold case for 22 years but to the detectives who worked long hours around the clock, the case it was a way of life, an obsession, something personal.

Now that the suspect, Conrado Juarez is in custody and allegedly confessed to killing his then four-year old cousin, the no nonsense harden detectives are sounding off.

Jerry Giorgio, former lead detective and retired investigator from the DA’s office said,”She was better off dead, I’m sorry to say, because they were starving her. She was skeletal. In six more months she would have died. I mean, she was 28 pounds and four-years old. That poor thing.”

Giorgio has since apologized for his statement.

For more than two decades, Baby Hope’s name, age and circumstances of her death were unknown and unclear. But just last week came a dramatic break, a tip and DNA test that finally identified Baby Hope’s real name as Anjelica Castillo and the child’s mother.

Police found Castillo’s body back in 1991, bound and in a garbage bag, hidden under soda cans in a blue cooler. She had been smothered and sexually assaulted and was only identified by a sketch.

Juarez pleaded not guilty when he faced a judge Saturday night. Since then, sources tell PIX11 he has not said a word and has remained stone faced with no emotion.