Wife and attorney of injured biker: He was trying to diffuse the situation

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In an interview with PIX11 Morning News, the wife and attorney of injured biker Edwin Mieses said he was an “innocent victim” and was trying to diffuse the out of control situation.

dayana gloriaDayana Mieses and attorney Gloria Allred said Edwin was acting lawfully and did nothing wrong that day when he was mowed down by Alexian Lien’s Range Rover.

Dayana said that Edwin has not said much since the accident as he is in a lot of pain and heavily medicated. Edwin has undergone two surgeries for his spine, one of which indicates that he will most likely never walk again, Dayana said. She said she has not told their nine-year-old daughter what has happened and that their 15-year-old son has began acting out because of the situation. “He’s taking it the hardest,” Dayana said of their son.

Attorney Gloria Allred said that Edwin was off his bike and trying to help the situation when he was run over. “What was Edwin doing at the time he was crushed under that SUV?” Allred said. “He was off his motorcycle, standing in front of it with his back to the SUV, trying to get everybody to move on, roll off.” Allred said no one attacking Lien’s vehicle when he “gunned the motor” and ran over Edwin.

Edwin has not been interviewed by police yet due to his condition.

Dayana and Allred said they are leaving it up to the District Attorney to seek charges against Lien but say they want justice. “We do want justice for him because he is an innocent victim,” Allred said.


  • Charles

    "Wife and attorney of injured biker: He was trying to diffuse the situation"

    Quality reporting from pix11 right here. Journalism at its best.

    de·fuse [dee-fyooz] de·fused, de·fus·ing.
    verb (used with object)
    1. to remove the fuze from (a bomb, mine, etc.).
    2. to make less dangerous, tense, or embarrassing: to defuse a potentially ugly situation.
    verb (used without object)
    3. to grow less dangerous; weaken.

    dif·fuse [v. dih-fyooz; adj. dih-fyoos] dif·fused, dif·fusing, adjective
    verb (used with object)
    1. to pour out and spread, as a fluid.
    2. to spread or scatter widely or thinly; disseminate.
    3. Physics. to spread by diffusion.
    verb (used without object)
    4. to spread.
    5. Physics. to intermingle by diffusion.

    I suppose one could argue that Meezee succeeded in pouring out and spreading himself on the pavement, though.

  • Ris

    Such liars! Both of them are after a payday they don't deserve from poor Lien. If my husband (BTW she's just his girfriend. You think the news could accurately report indisputable facts) was in the hospital I would be there every second not making the talk show round trying to win in the court of public opinion. She doesn't care about this guy. Also, watch the slowed down video.

    . …This is why the suv driver HAD to flee. His car was being attacked, his tires slashed (as reported by consuergo not just the liens). If jay wasn't there off his bike, a bike he never had a motorcycle license to even drive, this wouldn't have happened!

  • MooMoo

    If you watch the video is slow motion very carefully, I find it funny that everyone else knew that he was going to take off and got on their bikes and moved up and got out of the way or walked away, with the exception of of this Edwin/Meezee whatever the heck this idiots name is.. Perhaps THIS dingbat was the one who was slashing the front passenger side tire, hence the reason why he didn't have time to run up to his bike to ride off; and also, if he was kneeled on the floor slashing the tire, they wouldn't see him, as thats the blind spot for the side mirror. FYI.

  • Guest 2

    Mieses should be charged with FALSE IMPRISONMENT. He placed his bike and even later placed himself in front of the SUV, preventing it from moving or escaping a life threatening situation. The only reason why he isn't be charged is because he is on his death bed. If your trying to "help", you don't place your bike in front of the SUV or yourself in front of the SUV, that is common sense.

  • Reggie

    I will give credit where credit is due. Kudos to Sukanya for asking if Meezee was riding on the back of someone else's motorcycle since he didn't have a license and wasn't, according to Gloryhog, doing anything illegal. Of course, Allred totally ignored the question.

  • Close-up video!

    Unfortunately, for Gloria Allred, the video exists. An inconvenient truth for her. Look at this CLOSE-UP of when the SUV was first stopped.

    . First, right as the video starts, you see a motorcyclist hitting the SUV. So the lie that nothing happened to the SUV driver before he drove away is confirmed. Secondly, I hear a horn blaring 2 seconds before the SUV bolts. There is at least one motorcyclist who moves out of the way, so at least that guy was warned. Stop spreading lies, Gloria Allred. And journalists, keep your interviewees accountable. It's your duty as journalists if you are going to broadcast to the public that you are devoted to the truth. You're not a propaganda piece for self-serving lawyers.

  • janice

    First and foremost, I lost complete respect for the reporter who said she respected the wife. I was personally disgusted that the wife refuses to accept her husbands role (should not have been driving) in this mess, or the fact that the other bikers were responsible. The reporter should have been asking the tough questions not kissing up.

    I would also like to point out all the contradictions in the interview! (1) Mr Lien had nothing to fear, yet Edwin was diffusing the situation. If there is nothing to fear, what is there to diffuse? (2) Edwin's driving record and what he was doing beforehand is irrelevant. Yet, Mr Lien apparently was driving erratically beforehand and that should be taken into consideration. So Edwin's action beforehand doesn't count but we should look at Lien's conduct?

    Gloria Allred should be ASHAMED of herself. The only women in this situation, the wife and baby girl, are the ones Gloria should be protecting. And yet she is not!

    • Pat_Boylan

      yep, thank god for video in this case, and lack of loyalty from all those involved who'll give contradictory statements because to tell the truth will implicate them, and they have to lie to justify what the video shows them doing.
      Cruz to escape conviction has to say he was looking for his friends, not trying to stop Lien, he'll have to produce some friends, they'll have to say Lien did nothing wrong beforehand, otherwise they and Cruz were vigilantes trying to stop him. They'll all have to say they didn't see anybody trying to attack Lien's SUV, but Allred will still try to say Mieses was trying to defuse a dangerous situation that Lien put himself into because of his prior actions, but that Lien was in no danger.

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