Banksy paints stunning mural on Lower East Side

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Banksy’s latest work on the Lower East Side. (Photo credit:

United Kingdom based graffiti artist Banksy, who has temporarily taken up residency in New York City, has painted an amazing new piece on the Lower East Side.

The elusive artist’s latest work, a black and white mural of war horses painted on a wall and a car, could be seen at 159 Ludlow Street Wednesday morning.

The artist has said he’s “hosting a show” on the streets of New York City called “Better Out Than In” — but just for one month.

Banksy’s work has popped up all over the city, from Chelsea to Greepoint. Much of his work only lasts a few hours before being tagged over by other graffiti artists.


Banksy work in Brooklyn. (Photo credit:

The artist, whose true identity largely remains unknown, revealed in an e-mail correspondence with The Village Voice his reasons for choosing New York City for his street show. “New York calls to graffiti writers like a dirty old lighthouse. We all want to prove ourselves here. “I chose it for the high foot traffic and the amount of hiding places. Maybe I should be somewhere more relevant, like Beijing or Moscow, but the pizza isn’t as good.”


Banksy turned a truck into a moving piece of art. (Photo credit: