WATCH IT: New video shows biker beating of SUV driver Alexian Lien

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Police release surveillance of new suspects in the biker beating of an SUV driver in upper Manhattan.

Police are now looking for the suspects pictured above in the vicious upper Manhattan attack on an SUV driver following a fender bender on the West Side Highway.

Alexian Lien, 33, was traveling with his family when a biker — identified as 28-year-old Christopher Cruz — allegedly stopped short in front of Lien’s SUV and the two collided.  The fender bender sparked a chase that would send one biker to the hospital with critical injuries and end with multiple bikers viciously beating and slashing Lien in front of his terrified family.

A string of arrests have been made in the case, and now the NYPD is looking for four individuals who appeared in new video posted on YouTube that apparently shows the end of the beating.  Watch it below:

Police urge anyone who has information about the four bikers to contact them via the anonymous tip line 800-577-TIPS (8477), or by texting their tip to 274637 and entering TIP577.



  • Grooovie

    We will never know who started what, video footage will be withheld, edited and doctored and even Mr. Lien has his own perspective….all we need to know is that 2 people are badly injured and it didn't have to happen!! I can understand both perspectives but as I tell my 6 year old…Keep your hands to yourself!!! and DON'T BE A BULLY!!!

  • Lou

    Good job teaching your kid that if they were to ever be attacked or kidnapped to “keep your hands to yourself”. You need a subscription to good parenting. LOL

  • hilarious

    Oh, Please! This unfortunate event for the Liens can happen to anyone that these thugs want to target. Doesn't apply to teaching your 6 year old to 'keep your hands to yourself' and 'Don't BE A Bully" What you're saying is for school playgrounds!

  • notPaid

    @ Grooovie: Are you one of Alred's paid, fake commenters? (Don't worry, it's completely legal.)

    And, yes, it did have to happen this way. The only other way for it to turn out was for Mr. Lien (and maybe his wife or kid, from a stray bullet, kinfe, shattered glass, or fists) in the hospital or morgue. Only thugs incite violence and complain when they get what they intended to give to the other guy.
    Don't play with fire (threaten violence in the presence of someone's 2-year old kid and leave them no way out except to run you over) and you won't get hurt. I suggest your friends switch to picking on people who don't have kids. Parents are willing to die and kill for their kids. Others have much less motivation to kill when boxed in.

  • scallywagy

    Were the bikers just a pack of criminals looking for a fight, a bounty to claim? Did Lien instigate or in any way provoke the situation? Would we be feeling any less sympathy for Lien had the bikers simply not chased him and called the cops instead?

    And would we then instead be saying how terrible and irresponsible it was for Lien to paralyze a man?

  • Jon

    The bikers were looking for trouble. The man stopped short causing himself to get hit, and Lien was merely fleeing for his family's safety. There was no other option for him but to plow through those blocking him on the highway. He is but a victim of a group of unintelligent thugs seeking attention and to prove themselves tough.

    Lien deserves no punishment for what happened to that man. Had they simply called the police there would have been no reason for Lien to run over those people there by nullifying your weak attempt at playing both sides.

  • Malkolm Thomaz

    If any are siding with the biker thugs then I'll have to ask what you're smoking or need a brain check!

    In Harlem, see this all time w/local motorbike groups doing smaller versions of this for years; they use cheap, disposable off road bikes with no plates, no lights and gutted pipes, the riders are mostly dealers and associates. The accident is a practice known as the brake-check scam: bikers profile a vehicle & driver, then swarm around it. One rider passes the vehicle & chops the throttle. On a bike, this results in braking as if you’d pulled the handbrake in a car, but without flashing the brake light.

    The bike then gets bumped because the driver can’t react fast enough, though with a small difference in velocity. The crew then extorts money etc from the driver or whatever they feel like at that moment. Cheap helmet cams can record selectively record the event to portray the driver as at fault.

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