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WATCH: The Algonquin Resort, Canadian Luxury Redefined

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The historic Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada, just over the border from Maine, is making history again, reopening after a jaw-dropping top to bottom, 35 million dollar renovation adding even more luxury to the Algonquin’s legacy. I first visited the property last spring to do an exclusive hardhat tour and ever since I’ve been counting the days until I could return and see the Algonquin’s magical transformation.

Resort 1

Originally built in 1889, The Algonquin Resort has been the crown jewel of the picturesque artistic community of St. Andrews by-the-Sea for decades. Wanting to preserve this important heritage General Manger Tim Ostrem is having local artists and merchants creating signature items for the resort and is also inviting talented local musicians like Chambers McLean, pictured below, to play at the property seamlessly connecting this luxury resort to the community and the community to the resort.


The new design throughout the property exemplifies contemporary luxury while still honoring the Algonquin’s iconic past. Basically the bones of the building have stayed while almost everything else, down to the smallest details, have either been upgraded or replaced. Now at The Algonquin you’ll find everything from all new rooms, patios and dining areas, to a new spa, fitness center and even a three story water slide and indoor pool.


While at The Algonquin I got to sample some of the incredible dishes at the new Braxton’s restaurant where Executive Sous Chef Lisa Aronson and chef Markian Shafransky and Pastry Chef Nitin Sethi are outdoing themselves serving up a fresh take on regional cuisine. Here are some of my favorites.

The Sea Urchin Panna Cotta

Sea Urchin

Thai Lobster Watermelon Canape

APP (1)

Algonquin Lobster Benny


I also love how The Algonquin culinary team will prepare a special picnic basket for you that you can take over to nearby Ministers Island and enjoy while watching the sun come up. What a way to start to the day.

Sunrise Me

Also at The Algonquin I got to take a Yoga class where you’re surrounded by breathtaking views everywhere you look, talk about inspiring.

Yoga 2

Of course one of the highlights of The Algonquin Resort is the famed Algonquin Golf Course where 18 of the championship holes have stunning water views.

Golf (1)

Even though I haven’t played golf in almost six years, since moving to Manhattan, The Algonquin’s GM Tim got me into a friendly golf tournament with staff employees. Do you see the big smile on my face below? That’s because I miraculously won ‘closest to the pin’ on the signature 12th hole. I still have no idea how I pulled that one off but I was thrilled because I won a huge basket of my favorite New Brunswick Ganong chocolates! Talk about a win-win.

Golf Me

With so many cool things to do in St. Andrews The Algonquin is great at helping you plan your perfect itinerary to help you find the Travel Therapy you need. For this trip the staff set me up with Captain Chris Leavitt and his marine biologist daughter Nicole and friend Emily with Island Quest Marine for a fantastic sport fishing trip where we not only caught all kinds of different fish, from Mackerel to Cod, but also saw whales, seals and even bald eagles. If you’re feeling really adventuresome they even do shark fishing trips!


Another fun activity with The Algonquin is clam digging. Let me tell you clam digging is a lot harder than it looks. I’m going to appreciate eating clams so much more now!

I love this shot I took of GM Tim digging up his first clams.

Clam Digging


What’s also great about staying at The Algonquin is that it’s just a short walk into town and St. Andrews always has fun activities going on likely a weekly Farmers Market. St. Andrews also has lot of festivals throughout the year like the Indulge Food and Wine Festival that I was lucky enough to attend where The Algonquin’s chefs where dishing up some terrific tuna tacos.


At the end of the day when you’re ready to relax back at the resort there’s a new tradition I can totally get behind. Toasting the sunset each night and taking a moment to appreciate all the beauty around you, Now that’s Travel Therapy!


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