Remnants of Tropical Storm Karen to soak the Northeast

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It was quite a warm day in the tri-state area. More cloud cover was expected, but that warm front came through much more cleanly than anyone thought. Temps skyrocketed once the sun really came up. All areas hit the 80s, with record highs at Newark, LaGuardia, and Islip.

Another couple of warm days for this weekend, and we’ll go with highs near 80. It certainly can go either way with more or less sun, with the uncertainty thanks to the warm front staying fairly close to the tri-state area. Humidity is up there too.

Then we may have to deal with Karen. Recent computer guidance agreeing on a few showers Monday, but then Monday night and Tuesday may feature heavier rain as the remnants of Karen ride up an approaching cold front. There are some variables, such as if the rain stays well west of the city. So stay tuned tonight, this weekend, and Monday morning for the latest.