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EXCLUSIVE: Man on scene says SUV driver was impatient, knocked another biker off motorcycle before attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The details of the cascade of events that lead to Sunday’s West Side Highway biker attack are still emerging.

What happened prior to this incident that was caught on camera?

The wife of Alexien Lien, the SUV driver dragged out of his vehicle and beaten by the mob of bikers, released a statement Thursday, saying the family faced a “life-threatening situation” and they “could not have done anything differently.”

However, a biker on the scene said that’s not the case and he witnessed what happened before the attack.

Michael Anthony gave an exclusive interview from Reinholds, Pennsylvania, revealing what he says happened before what was captured on video.

Anthony claims that Lien was impatient and attempted to drive through the group of bikers. “The SUV didn’t wanna wait,” Anthony told PIX11. “He decided he wanted to come into the center lane and started pushing his way through the center lane, through the bikes.”

What to do if you encounter a violent mob

Biker Michael Anthony claims Alexian Lien hit another rider before the attack and said he has more video from Sunday’s incident.

The biker also claims Lien hit a rider next to him, knocking him off his motorcycle. The biker got up, Anthony said, and Lien did not stop. He says the group followed Lien for two miles, honking and waving in an attempt to get him to pull over.

Anthony told PIX11 that no one provoked Lien and he believes that he should be charged with a crime. “I believe he should be charged at minimum with fleeing the scene of an accident, a hit-and-run,” he said. “Nobody was threatening him, he was impatient. 99% of the drivers that we encountered that day were impatient, they were upset…but they didn’t take it to the next level and use their vehicle as a battering ram to get where they needed to be because they didn’t wanna be surrounded by bikes.”

The biker also said he has over four hours of video from that day and has not gotten the opportunity to look through it all.


  • melinda

    Those bikers sre savages. There was a baby in the car. From what I saw on all the videos was a bunch of grown people doing wheelys. Weaving in and outof traffic. They . All should be ticketed for driving eractic.on a street. And the biker who got hurt. You did it to your self.

    • Askurmom

      The rider who got hurt didn’t ask for some A’hole in an SUV to run over him.. That idiot was trying to go thur a group of motorcycles.. Is he stupid.. He is lucky all they did was beat his a$$. He knock someone down n drove for two miles b4 even slowing down. So what your saying is a hit and run is ok if you have somewhere to go.. So if some hits someone crossing the street as long as the media can find something that person did wrong in the past it’s ok.. Damn I pray no one in ur family ever gets run over cause you just won’t give a damn..

      • SJ73

        Yeah he did ask for someone to run his dumbass over. him and his pos thug friends thought they'd f#ck with nyc all day and scare drivers. if a gang of morons surrounded my car and comes to a stop in front of my car to the point where i nudge their back tire and they take that as a excuse to attack a FAMILY with a BABY, then yeah I'm running you over and your friends. Truly the most astounding thing here is none of these clowns is admitting what they did is wrong. Own up to it you pieces of sh!t! You attacked and scared a man, his WIFE and a BABY… I got a little girl and here in TX- you try that crap, you get one thing- dead bikers…

      • Greg Murphy

        I'm a biker and the SUV was not at fault other then fearing for his and his family's safety. These "motorcyclists" were not following the rules of the road and caused the initial accident, I have had many close calls with vehicles of all sorts in my years of riding so I know how dangerous it is our there sharing the road with texters, people applying makeup , eating or reading! even sleeping.
        These motorcyclists are worse then 1%ers as they cause problems like this with THEIR actions

  • NYC Lifer

    I heard this persons telephone interview this morning. This guy sounds like a lowlife lawyer. I do not believe for one moment he was part of the ghetto thugs that pull these assaults all the time. He is a middle aged caucasion male who would be one of their victims.

    • Askurmom

      So your saying lawyer, Cops, FDNY and educated people don’t ride motorcycles.. Lol.. Don’t know what year you live in but this is 2013..

  • Sigh

    99% of the drivers were upset with you? Sounds like the group you were with was doing something to cause this.

    • Askurmom

      Don’t get me wrong.. There is no way to contain that mass number of riders.. Some are really stupid.. But the one thing that will not be tolerated is a hit and run then hit and run again then run over people.. Bikers get killed all the time by hit and run drivers.. My friend was killed this July at night by a hit and run driver that took the light. That’s why our bikes are so loud because a lot of drivers can not SEE. That didn’t make the news that driver made it home my friend underground. Father of 3 worked and paid bills for his family.. A car can not hit and run a bike and think it’s ok and he is going to get away.. Am sad for the two year old who has a dad that has road rage and put her life and mothers life in danger. Look at the Video his the only car in it. He was the only dummy that told him self he is going to drive thur motorcycles..

      • Sigh

        There's a significant difference between a simple hit and run, and being surrounded by a group like this. Very few (if any) drivers would ever stop in the midst of one of these groups. Their behavior has already demonstrated a disregard for the law as well as the safety of anybody else. If the riders here felt like something needed to be done about the initial contact between the SUV and motorcycle they should have just recorded the incident, taken down the license plate and contacted the authorities. Surrounding and stopping a vehicle on the highway is both illegal, and stupid.

  • marj413

    Even if his story is accurate, and it probably isn't, then you get the tag number and call the cops. They had no right to try to hold someone hostage and even less of a right to attack them. I wish more of them got run over.

    • Askurmom

      One day someone in your family will be on a bike and get hurt then you will understand.. You hit one and try to leave u might as well wish your car can fly away. Cause ur ass will be beat Good day sir..

      • marj413

        Ha ha ha, shut up crybaby. They leave me alone, I leave them alone, simple as that. Threaten me or my family and I will do what I have to do. By the way, nobody in my family will be hurt like that because they aren't criminal scumbags.

  • axonneuron

    Escalating situation here. I've seen cars barge into my lane without looking many times. If the driver had stopped the first time he would have gotten yelled at but not beaten. If he had been patient and waited for the bikes to pass initially this wouldn't have happened at all.

    • PaulRevere

      Except thats not actually what happened. If you look at the video carefully, you will see there was already damage on the car. AND the fact that these guys had gopro cameras filming all this means that police have the FULL video (which they have already gotten from the biker who filmed this (from bellport) which is why they are sure they aren't pressing charges on Lien. If you watch the video you will also see the car already had damage. These punks do this all the time. They brake check in order to instigate a collision and then extort money from the driver for rear ending the motorcyclist.

      • axonneuron

        C'mon. You have no idea when the car was damaged. And the police have the video they could get their hands on, which isn't necessarily everything.

      • PaulRevere

        Watch the actual video. Its pretty clear there was already damage BEFORE that. So yea these guys were hassling this guy and his family. They were thugs on bikes. Fact is the only apparent witness are other bikers. And drivers who saw what happened who are reporting pretty much opposite what the bikers are saying. And again the fact the NYPD didn't charge Lien after they got the video from the bellport rider, is pretty damning on their side.

      • axonneuron

        Damage means nothing, frankly. He could be a bad driver. Whether the cops pressed charges or not is meaningless. They were harassing him because he had already knocked someone off their bike.

      • anon

        except he didn't knock anyone over. already been disproved. otherwise the proof would've been conveniently posted on the same page the motorcyclists posted their videos…except now all the videos have been taken down by the very motorcyclists (except a lot of viewers downloaded and posted them on liveleak)…jeez, they claim he was driving bad but then they conveniently don't have video evidence to back it up, even if they were willing to post everything else? how convenient…

  • PaulRevere

    LOL "99% percent of the drivers were impatient" according to the biker….gee I think there might be a reason for that. PIX instead of taking the side of the bikers and creating a false division here why not air ALL the videos these punks had posted on youtube. They have been reposted elsewhere. These guys harrassed drivers plain and simple. its evident from their previous videos posted and its the same guy who made this last video so the same groups of punks.

  • esco

    With all the witnesses and "witnesses" this things going to go on for ever. Time to line them up in front of the polygraph so we sort get the credible witnesses from the hearsayers

  • Joe

    If Lien is guilty of a hit in run prior to the incident, then he should be at least charged with leaving the scene of a crime. Many witnesses say Lien was driving aggressively and knocked down a biker even before the incident with cruz. cruz and the other bikers where trying to get him to slow down. In my opinion, Lien was having a bad day and allowed road rage to take over. And its incredible he was driving recklessly having a baby in his car. Then later after he runs over a biker, the bikers get angry and beat him up, now he claims he was defending his baby. Why then did you not drive more cautiously from the beginning? If I have a baby in my car, I'm not going to drive recklessly. And if a bike slows down, you don't hit it. How many times do cars slow down in front of you? How many times do jay walkers cross the street in front of you? do you run them over? no. use common sense and respect everyone on the road, small car, bikes, etc. Just because you drive a big suv doesn't mean you can bully everyone else.

    • anon

      police already charged Cruz for brake checking–as in intentionally stopping to cause the accident. police already confirmed bikers started breaking in windows and slashing tires before the suv driver drove off. you're a bit slow on the news.



  • Mike

    Come on! Ban the feak idiots. Don't you see what they turned the city into. And one question: Why do you think you could act as police slowing down the traffic. Ban the idiots

  • Guest

    The guy admitted the bikers instigated everything from the beginning when he said a bike was in front of the three cars slowing traffic so all the bikers could ride together. Bikers are too dumb to stop talking. They're just helping the case against them.

    • Nathan

      Wow, last I checked, slowing down in front of another vehicle isn't illegal, regardless of the reason. In fact, it's the driver behind that has the responsibility to pay attention to what's going on in front of them. All you can legitimately see in the video is a bike slowing down, the driver behind hitting him, a bit of a scuffle at his car, and then the driver running a number of people over and fleeing the scene. Had this been an incident between two cars, the driver behind clearly would have been at fault.

      • marj413

        Actually it is called impeding the flow of traffic and it is illegal. Also intentionally brake checking people is illegal (or downshifting and dumping the clutch). If it were an incident between two cars and there was video showing the car in front caused the accident then no, the car in the back would NOT have been at fault.

  • Greg Murphy

    PLEASE, PLEASE stop calling these thugs "bikers", they might ride motorcycles but their actions show that they are not is common now-a-days to see idiots riding those crotch rockets pulling stunts on public roadways and speeding recklessly they are "motorcyclists" not bikers!!!

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