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Biker seen smashing SUV driver’s window with helmet expected to turn himself in: Sources

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It’s been a long four days for police, but finally, the man caught on tape smashing Alexian Lien’s SUV window before he was brutally beaten, is expected to turn himself in within 24 hours.

Sources say the man is a 37-year-old from Brooklyn and police are working with his family to get him to surrender.

Police say the lead suspect has a long rap sheet with 21 prior arrests, including drug possession and robbery.

The biker mowed down by Lien before the beating, 32-year-old Edwin “Jay” Mieses, is critically injured and his family says he will never walk again. Miese’s family and lawyer Glorida Allred said there was an unfair rush to judgement in the case and will hold a press conference Friday afternoon  to “set the record straight” and give and update on his condition.





  • Askurmom

    Some of his fellow riders and him self was hit by an SUV and felt that it was ok to leave bikers on the floor.. If you never rode a bike or know people that ride you will never understand how it is when you see someone knocked off his or her bike..

    • Askurmom

      The only part about him getting beat is that his baby was in the car.. Besides that he got what he deserved.

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