Lionel commentary: Let’s play ‘What If’

Posted: 11:03 PM, Oct 03, 2013
Updated: 2013-10-03 23:03:30-04

As lawyers are wont to do, we love hypotheticals and assuming arguendo, for the sake of argument. We expand a factual scenario into possibilities ad what ifs. Let’s play what if. What if in the case of the motor-psychos attack on the SUV driver, a racial epithet was uttered by the perps. An ethnophobic slur. Would that elevate the matter to that of a hate crime and perhaps invoke federal jurisdiction? Next, what if prosecutors review a series of YouTube uploads of similar swarmings, uploaded I repeat ironically by the perps themselves. Could the case be made that these events were the product of a criminal enterprise, an ongoing, planned, orchestrated confederation, cabal and coven.