Eyewitness says bikers went after SUV driver’s wife during brutal attack

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The new footage shows the group of 20-30 bikers overtaking a gas station at Seaman and Dyckman in Inwood.

One of the good Samaritans that helped the young father dragged out of his SUV and beaten on a street in upper Manhattan  by a mob of bikers says some in the group were after the man’s wife as well.

At a press conference held by State Senator Adriano Espiallat and Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa Thursday, new video  was released showing bikers swarming the streets of upper Manhattan, riding on sidewalks and weaving through pedestrians before their brutal confrontation with Alexian Lien, his wife and their two-year-old daughter. The couple was out celebrating their wedding anniversary.


Officials say the bikers cause quality of life issues for people in upper Manhattan neighborhoods.

Authorities believe the group of bikers began damaging Lien’s vehicle after he bumped the rear of one of the motorcycles, causing him to run over one of the bikers while fleeing.  The mob then chased the family for several miles into Washington Heights before dragging Lien out of the car and beating him on the street. The biker that was run over by Lien remains in a medically induced coma with a broken spine. His family says he will never walk again.

The man who helped the family did not attend the press conference, but told officials the bikers were after Lien’s wife and initially believed Lien was dead from how badly he was beaten.

Espiallat, Rosa, and other upper Manhattan community activists said that bikers overtook the neighborhood, causing people who were dining outside at local restaurants to run inside. The officials believe that the illegal bike rallies, like the one the group was headed to, cause quality of life issues for the entire neighborhood. They are calling for harsher punishments for motorcyclists who break traffic laws.



  • esco

    Why am I not surprised?
    It was obvious they wanted revenge for the driver taking extreme evasive action from their menacing and threatening actions, typical beehive mentality. It's too bad cooler heads didn't prevail here.

  • Jeff cooper

    This is all bullshit. You have a racist bastard in a 90,00.00 suv yelling and screaming at the bikers when they had enough they slowed down and after the biker said what he had to say he went back to his bike and the bastard ran him over. But you whores put your own little racist spin on it and white america eat it up becaues they're nothing but sheep.

    • FUFU

      No racist spin necessary when the dumbasses film their own illegal activities. That's the best part! hahhaha

    • FUFU

      By the way, you have the chronological timeline wrong. The idiot biker, Cruz, caused the accident by purposely cutting off the SUV and brake checking. Then the SUV driver stopped only to see the mob hitting his car and slashing his tires. If people with brains are whores, you're the cocksucker that licks the balls of these good for nothing pieces of shit.

    • JDilla

      See in the real world when a fender bender occurs you exchange info and file a police report. In the Hollywood Stuntz biker world you KILL KILL KILL, EAT THE WOMEN AND CHILD!!!

  • Jeanette

    Gars on bikes they can't pay for there family's insurance .. But can pay for bicke harassment that's bs

  • <?>

    Why do the MotoTards have to pick on women too? At least they had sufficient back up if she started slapping them around.

    • Reality Check

      You must be the blind one. It started when the fucking criminal brake checked his bike on purpose and caused an accident. The SUV stopped, then the entire mob of low lives swarmed the SUV, slashed the tires, and attacked the car. God, you can't even tell an insurance fraud when you see one. More people should run over these motherfuckers. Piece of shits that are waste of space. Every single one of them is a criminal with a record already.

  • Bah Humbug

    That explains why the front passenger window was smashed. In another photo, a rider is seen bashing out the hatchback window. Was he trying to get to the toddler?

  • GnomeNation

    I'm glad the one biker who was run over didn't die. I take great pleasure knowing that he will live the rest of his life as a lame piece of garbage. I hope his family is proud.

    You want to be a big tough biker and assault families with your gang? Then you can be a big tough biker with no legs, loser!

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