Unseasonable heat wave has tri-state residents seeking shade in OCTOBER

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BOGOTA, New Jersey (PIX11) – The calendar may say it’s October, but if feels like it’s July. PIX 11 News caught-up with Brandon Wilson a landscaper who was parked in the shade for a few minutes, “85 degrees in October, definitely not expecting it,” said Wilson.

Wilson who works 10-hour shifts as a landscaper around Bergen County loaded up his truck with bottled water like it was the middle of summer, “I go through three liters a day, sometimes a gallon.”

At a home along Larch Avenue  two construction crews were focused on projection while battle the heat.

Geremiah Cordova didn’t mind the heat too much as he was putting up a fence.  When asked if it felt like October?  “Not yet,” said Cordova adding, “Just like June maybe.”

As for the other crew, they were putting in — of all things — a new air conditioning unit.

Rob Hubinger, owner of R&C Heating and Cooling said the abnormal highs are good for business, “You’re never hoping for October, but here it is, October and its 85 degrees, so, from a business point of view, it’s pretty good.”

A few miles away was without a doubt the coolest building in all of Hackensack, the Icehouse skating complex, where management touted it as “the coolest place to come on a hot day like today in early October.”

However, the best reaction to all the heat came from a tree cutter leaving a convenience store.  A big fan of PIX 11 News he just asked for a message to be conveyed,”Tell Linda to turn the temperature down.”

She and of course Mr. G will have the latest on PIX 11 News.

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