Heat safety: Stories meant to help protect New York’s Very Own

Retreat and die

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  • Askurmom

    You are 100% right but what do you think would have happened if tht one guy had a gun and shot the one rider in his way.. He would have got his whole family killed.. Because if he was able to have a gun you don’t think the 40+ biker would not have guns too. Guns is never the smart answer because he would have got one or two riders but the riders would have go him his wife n his child.. All three would have been dead.. At the end of the day this guy in his SUV decided that he would not move out the way and let the bikes pass.. He decided that he was going to go as fast as them and stay in the middle of them. Hits one and leaves, so now they have a reason to F with him, hits a second stops then runs some over.. I sure this guy in the SUV played the new grand theft auto.. Smh.. This is sad in every way you look at it.. People got hurt and a 2 year old had to be in all of this

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