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Bikers rally outside hospital as new info emerges on injured man’s driving record

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – A father is beaten and slashed in front of his family and an avid motorcycle rider and aspiring rapper is in the hospital in a medically-induced coma.

With so much video of the incident public already – it is possible that, in court, what happened before the cameras began recording may become integral.  The video that spread widely across the Internet after the fateful Sunday ride begins when biker Christopher Cruz rapidly decelerated in front of the SUV.

What happened later is already known — a fender bender led to dozens of bikers surrounding an SUV and threatening a father who fearfully accelerated — crushing one of the bikers — and driving until he was finally encircled and beaten by the same mob of motorcyclists.

At a Manhattan court house Wednesday, however, Cruz’s lawyer addressed the media claiming the fender bender was the first contact between them.

The driver told police that, fearing for his family he gunned it, but the question as the case moves towards trial is, can he prove that to the jury?

With a mob of motorcyclists surrounding him, many reasonable people feel driver Alexian Lien was threatened. In fact, the behavior of the motorcyclists beforehand prompted 200 calls to police — from running red lights and countless stop signs, to riding on the curb and gunning their engines until pedestrians said their ears hurt.

However, dozens of riders gathered outside St. Luke’s Hospital for injured biker Edwin Jay Mieses – whose legs were run over in the incident. They want 33-year-old Lien, the SUV driver, to be held responsible.

New information is emerging about the injured biker and his lengthy traffic violation record.  In fact, Mieses never even had a license, somehow remaining on the streets despite getting 16 tickets in 14 years.  He was deemed a habitual traffic offender who is not allowed a license until 2017. But his family says he was not responsible.

Then there’s Cruz, who set off a chain of events and may have escalated the one he caused — but his lawyer says he isn’t culpable because what happened after the fender bender was done by others.

Then there’s the guy who banged on the back window where Lien’s two-year-old was buckled in — he was arrested by the NYPD last night but the DA refused to prosecute him Wednesay and cut him loose.



  • jess

    Everyone talks about the biker’s condition but the driver was beaten n slashed yet there’s no update on him n his family.

  • marj413

    Why support him? He and his crew were 110% wrong in this case and if he had obeyed the law then he wouldn't have been on the road in the first place and none of this would have happened.

    And why are comments disappearing on here?

  • Ghost Dancer

    Bikers ? I grew up w/bikers, these aren't bikers !!! These were a bunch of juveniles on crotch rockets doing stunts, using cars as pillons. I've seen them in town doing 80mph on the rear wheel dodging cars, looks like fun until someone gets hurt/killed ! And its the driver's fault ?

  • DEBLEW8466

    No one could ever convence me that the video posted by the biker is the beginning. If the bikers fell that the SUV diver was wreckless, show us the entire video.

  • anoymous

    The man in the hosptial if he has children he cant say he would not have done the say thing to protect his child. If these bikers had a problem with this man they should have stopped called the police and let them handle it. Now things have gotten so out of control. They were wrong nothing but thugs acting like they are untouchable.It looks like no one wants to take responsibilty for their actons any more. Im very sorry the man is hurt so bad.. but dont put yourself in that situation to be in the line of fire.

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