What to do if you encounter a violent mob

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A motorcycle mob with no faces.

An attack on a stranger all caught on video in broad daylight with the victim in serious condition.

A young husband was allegedly attacked after a fender bender on the West Side Highway.

It all happened in front of his 2-year-old son and his wife. Psychologist Doctor Buzz Von Ornsteiner explained to us the mob mentality here, and in instances we’ve seen like this one.

Flash mobs are not always entertainment. They’re becoming more dangerous as reports of violent mob stories are spreading across the country like one in a convenience store near Washington, DC where an alleged robbery took place. Not everyone in the mob was involved in the robbery, police said at the time.

Von Ornsteiner said there’s usually a common theme.

In this most recent case  in Washington Heights, Ornsteiner said the situation for this family was one of the most terrifying to be in. Surrounded with no where to go, and no one around protect you.