Two bikers turn themselves in after brutal attack on SUV driver

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Biker Beatdown SUV Manhattan

A pack of angry bikers vandalize a a family’s SUV in Washington Heights after a wild chase in Manhattan on Sunday.

According to an NYPD source, two men are in police custody in connection with the vicious beating of an SUV driver over the weekend.

Tuesday afternoon a second biker turned himself into police in Queens and is now at the 33rd Precinct.

The other biker, Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, NJ has been arrested charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child, among other charges.

The attack happened Sunday after one of the bikers was involved in a fender bender on the West Side Highway with an SUV.  The group of 20 to 30 bikers surrounded the SUV, threatening the driver and slashing one of the tires, according to police.

The shaken driver, identified as 33-year-old Alexian Lien, who was with his wife and 2-year-old daughter, tried to drive away from the mob — running over three bikers in the process.  The group gave chase, finally cornering Lien at West 178th St. in Washington Heights where one biker shattered the driver’s side window with his helmet.  They dragged Lien out of the car and beat him severely in front of his family, slashing him in the face and torso with a knife, police said.

Two other motorcyclists were taken to the hospital. One was treated and released, another is still in the hospital with two broken legs and and has been intubated, Kelly said,

A Facebook page entitled Justice for Jay Meezee already has nearly 10,000 likes and shows a picture of an intubated man.  His family posted that he is in a coma and paralyzed, but that is not yet confirmed.

Jay Meezee Facebook

The NYPD received more 200 calls regarding the bikers on Sunday and their apparent reckless behavior.

In police action against the bikers unrelated to the SUV attack, police made 15 arrests on Sunday, confiscated 55 motorcycles and issues 66 summonses.

This group of bikers had no permit for any sanctioned event, Kelly said.


    • esco

      Because the bikers surrounded him and forced him to stop. They are not the police and I'm sure that put the driver of the SUV in fear for his family. It was wise to get to a place with numerous witnesses otherwise who knows what might of happened? I would have done
      the same thing too.

      If you're not law enforcement don't try to enforce your own laws or any other laws for that matter.

      • Askurmom

        First off this was not an event it was people riding their bikes together the same way cars get on the highway bikes can too.. When your driving a car and a group off bikes come you as a driver you need to slow down n let the bikes pass.. This idot was the only car in the video that’s because he was the only moron that told himself that he was gonna drive thur the bikes… The guy cut infront of him to slow him down so the other bikes can pass safely n the idot hits him… I ride on the westside highway all the times and these idiots in cars always want to keep up or cut off a bike.. Morons we don’t have seat belts or air bags.. There is no such thing as a fender bender on a bike to the moron who wrote this article.. When a bike gets hit the rider gets hit and hits the pavement.. There is no fender there to protect the rider you idot

      • BikeTards

        What's an "idot" ? That mistake crushed your whole reply. Fail!!

        Jane smith isn't much brighter, "Am I MISUSING something" What a couple of clowns. xD

      • JOHN SMITH

        who ever u are mr. somthing-mom It would be wise to keep ur comment to your self. First of all you sir sound like a Moron!!! How do u expect the bike to stop that car? This young and ignorant man just got crushed by some one that is driving an suv… duh!!!! u don’t have seat belts that’s why your sir should stay away from cars & suv"s. so this courageous but idiotic young man just cause these Asian man hurt and his family scared by these hood rats/ bullies. They my be big and dumb but yes very courageous!!! U. just and FYI in other states people carry. It would been a bigger shame to the incredible courageous but idiotic young man to get shot by this HEROIC FATHER AND HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!

      • rahrah1

        This post I don't agree with. Not only that but we don't know who was at fault for the initial altercation (since you don't want to call it a fender bender). I have no problem with bikers but these particular bikers are thugs. They are 100% responsible for the 3 getting run over. If they hadn't surrounded the guy and his family, threatened him, slashed his tires, and made him fear for his and his family's lives he would not have fled. He had stopped initially. If the bikers had taken proper action in calling the police after the first altercation they would not have caused this guy to flee.

      • Hazel

        I believe there's a part missing in the video, they said themselves before the event in the video took place something has happened

      • rahrah1

        I don't know if there is video of the first altercation. It has been reported that a biker was hit by the SUV driver and received minor injuries but I'm not sure who was at fault for that event. After that the SUV driver stopped at which point he was surrounded, threatened, and had his tires slashed. A biker opens his door and at that point he fees. I would have too. Can you imagine the fear he must have felt? Even if the SUV driver was at fault for the first collision it doesn't give the bikers carte blanche to beat the guy.

      • marj413

        Doesn't really matter what happened. If the SUV driver did something wrong, then you get his plate number and call the cops. What you DON'T do is cause more problems by acting like a vigilante.

        However judging these fools based on their other videos, they started everything and deserved more than they got.

    • Soldier

      Tell me where you coward Biker Gangs hideout at, because the Yakuza Mafia is coming for you redneck and black trash Americans.

    • rahrah1

      It was originally just a rather minor collision between one bike and the SUV. The guy in the SUV even did the right thing and stopped, but the bikers then surrounded him and his family, slashed his tires, and threatened him. A biker opens his door, maybe to drag him out at that point, and he flees in fear for his and his family's lives and ended up running over the bikers at that point. It wasn't intentional and if they hadn't surrounded and threatened him they wouldn't have been hit. It was their fault.

  • just saying

    Are u kidding me!!!!!! That Asian man was singled out and attached by a bunch bullies. Good for that man and stood his ground. But DON'T BE A BAD ASS!!!!!! AND you might stand clear!!! All I got to say is that he should have swerved AT those idiots and discourage them with a little more "push lead to shove". If that was me that’s what I would of done!!!!!!!!!( only if my family was in danger like this man and his family were)…..

    • Askurmom

      Your right in other states people carry.. So who do you think would have walked away the one guy how hit a rider down and ran over some guys or a group of mad riders who are also carrying. Smh think about that.

      • rahrah1

        You're right. If they bikers were carrying and this guy was carrying it could have ended very badly indeed. Not that it didn't end badly, but it most certainly could have ended a lot worse. Bullets flying everywhere innocent people could have gotten hit, including his daughter and wife. You just never know. I'm glad guns were not involved.

  • Brendan

    Woah, chill out people. I saw this same crowd of 100 bikers riding towards Manhattan bridge and they purposely blocked intersections waiting for their buddies and when a car try to move thru they jumped off their bikes and were quite willing to gang jump the driver. When the driver returned to his car they still blocked him in and taunted him. These were not polite guys out for a friendly bike ride, they were riding with a pack mentality and knew they could get away with it. I'm just surprised that the cops didn't intervene and that more people were not injured as they made their way around the city.

  • marj413

    Anyone defending these criminal bikers or suggesting the SUV driver did anything wrong is either a moron, a racist (yes people are already pulling the race card about this) or both. The bikers got off lucky in that only one person was hurt and I hope the police collect them all up and toss them in jail for a while; although something tells me that it wouldn't be the first time most of them have been inside a jail cell before.

    Oh and if the bikers want to rally around their hurt friend maybe they should use his situation as reason to stop acting like a pack of criminal dirtbags. But I am sure they will just use him as fodder to enact some "street justice". Some people never learn.

    • rahrah1

      I hear ya. They are 100% at fault for this. If they hadn't surrounded the guy and made him frear for him and his family they wouldn't have gotten run over. They brought the results upon themselves.

  • roger

    Well hopefully now that most of the facts are out people will stop defending the bikers and their actions. Yes, it's sad that two men were seriously injured. Had the bikers not acted like total morons neither of the people would have been injured at all. There are a lot of respectful motorcyclists out there but unfortunately there seems to be just as many ignorant ones as well. Maybe the whole accident would have been avoided as well if the morons followed traffic laws. If you read the article you'll see that the police received over 200 calls about the riders. I'm sure no-one called the police to say "what a nice bunch of guys they were"

  • Reality Check

    As a parent I try not to put myself in risky situations. Any of my hobbies that are risky/dangerous take a back seat to my kids. Life's not about me anymore its about my family. The paralyzed biker I feel bad for and wish his family luck but when you surround yourself with trouble your going to get into it.

    As far as the SUV driver. I would of done the same thing. Nothing comes between me and my family and would die or kill to protect them.

    • Monoxide

      If he's in a coma and out cold how do they know he's paralyzed? Shouldn't they wait until he's awake to test his reflexes and pain reaction. I think there should still be hope in his situation until the tests are conclusive.

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