Mom of injured biker to SUV driver: ‘You should have at least apologized’

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While police sift through video of chaos in the Henry Hudson Parkway new information is emerging about some of the bikers involved in the brutal attack, and an injured biker’s mother is speaking out.

Edwin ‘Jeremiah’ Mieses, 26, was one of the bikers injured after a fender bender escalated on the West Side Highway and roughly twenty bikers from a loosely-organized group called the “Hollywood Stuntz” surrounded the driver of an SUV, threatening him.

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Fearing for his life, according to police, the SUV driver – whose family was in the car — accelerated and hit three bikes, running over Mieses in the process.

Mieses is an up-and-coming rapper from just outside of Boston, where his mother and sister are speaking out about what happened and the action of the SUV’s driver, 33-year-old Alexian Lien.

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“All his ribs are fractured, his lungs are so badly bruised that he’s still on a ventilator,” said his mother, Yolanda Santiago, who says she thinks he is now paralyzed with a broken spine.  “He should have at least stopped after the first incident and at least apologized.”

The driver of the SUV, who was not charged, was later dragged from his vehicle after several bikers smashed out the windows.  One biker slashed him on the face and chest with a knife, and he was beaten severely, landing in the hospital.

One biker has been charged in the attack, and two others have turned themselves in to police.

The biker seen smashing the windows of the Land Rover, Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, NJ has been arrested charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child, among other charges.


  • Robin Bovell

    I am so disappointed in PIX’S coverage of this story. What happened to unbiased coverage? Let’s look at both sides…I have found myself stuck in the middle of these biker “CLUBS” (let’s stop the labeling by calling them “GANGS”) and do you know what I do…STOP AND WAIT TIL THEY FINISH! Or do what everyone else did CALL THE POLICE! You don’t just run someone down out of fear…this is not a stand your ground state! This man ran over someone and kept going…this man ran over someone before the beating. And he didn’t stop and he kept going because …he fledthe crime scene…he broke the law…these CLUB MEMBERS stopped a man leaving a crime scene where a friend was seriously injured. If a car suddenly stops in front of me should I ram the car in front of me out of fear and keep going. If these men didn’t stop this SUV you would be telling a story of a hit and run.

  • erica

    Apologize for what…your son started with them he was protecting his family…your son was wrong he doesn’t deserve shit

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