Biker arrested in attack on family in SUV in Manhattan

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(CNN) — One biker who was struck by the SUV, 28-year-old Christopher Cruz, was arrested and faces several charges, including reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child, police said.

A helmet camera one of the bikers was wearing captured much of the road rage incident, including the moment when one of the bikers walks up to the SUV and smashes its window with a bike helmet. The video has been posted online.

Police say this same group of bikers descended on New York City and clogged up Times Square last year in what Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said is a “major stunt event.”


  • Anonymous

    This news is so inaccurate! He deliberately ran over several bikers leaving one paralyzed in a coma. I am not saying what the bikers did was right but what this driver did was absolutely uncalled for and if they are going to bring justice to the bikers well they better bring justice to him as well. He may have been assaulted but he deliberately committed a hit and run. Check out @bikelifeshoutout_ in Instagram the video that shows this man intentionally running the bikers over this was no accidental fender bender! The bikers are the victims here too!

  • Guest

    Your a idiot, what was he supposed to do, let the bikers destroy his car and hurt his family? I'd like to see you just sit there as a gang of bikers surround you and start beating your car and trying to hurt you. You'd pee your pants. Act like a fool and you get what's coming to you.

  • Guest

    Yea the bikers were the victim, cause clogging the highways with your stupid antics and harassing normal people just trying to get somewhere is totally ok.

    • Anonymous

      this story is completely worng. it all started by 125th street where the driver of the range rover did hit some one thats when the bikers started following him on the highway. The biker cut him off because of what he did. Now was it right for driver to run them over with a 6,000 lb car? Sorry to say this but the driver got what he deserved. Im not sure where anyone got info on the biker getting MINOR INJURIES. You better check that again.

      • marj413

        Maybe the thug criminal bikers should have called the police instead. And who wants to bet that if there was another fender bender as you claim it was caused by the bikers running red lights? Yeah, you know, like the video they posted that shows them beating on a Prius that had a GREEN LIGHT and was trying to go through an intersection while these criminals were running red lights.

        Get your facts straight sissyboy.

  • Anonymous

    It’s assholes like you all who think the driver of the SUV was justified for his actions that make me sick you weren’t there you just can’t either afford a motorcycle or are able to operate 1 so your angry be angry at yourself it did start over a fender bender on 125st and no one tried to pull him out his car instead he hit the guy and attempted to run that’s when all those motorcycles surrounded him to get him to stop the whole thing wasn’t shown after hitting another motorcyclist seriously injuring him he tried to flee the scene once again running over 3 other motor cycles that’s when the chase persude he stopped due to traffic and was beaten what they did was wrong yes but what that man did was worst and they’re speaking about his family no one attempted to touch his family he was at fault and if the motorcyclist was arrested and charged he should as well for 4 hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident twice, reckless endangerment of a child , assault with a deadly weapon, attempted man slaughter and countless others pix 11 is now a Channel I will never watch you guys are the worst if ever I need a fictional story I’ll be sure to tune in for a news crew getting paid to report facts I’ve never seen something so far off and to add didn’t even show the entire video to show the scum driving the SUV molding over the motorcycles what’s the matter to graphic or wasn’t good enough a story to show? Hey should expect that from a station that can’t even get the weather correct

    • The Truth

      I agree with Anonymous I know the family of the first biker he ran over and he's in bad shape. You cant always believe what you see in the news at least I was told that before now I truly believe that. The truth will come to light and justice will be properly served, Wrong is Wrong in both sides just because one may be wealthy or possibly have connections doesn't make you untouchable or above the LAW. This guy definitely is not the victim.

    • marj413

      Your logic, well lack thereof, is beyond idiotic. Bikes aren't expensive, nobody is jealous, so at ease that nonsense you squid. And then read above where I told you that even IF there was another accident before recording it was probably caused by the criminal bikers AND they can just get the plate number and call the police to report a hit and run. But there are plenty of videos online of these fools breaking the law, attacking other people for no reason, and so on.

      Care to bet some money that at least half of them have criminal records before this incident?

      I only wish more of them were under the tires of that truck when it took off, scumbags like them give all other bikers a bad image.

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