NYU student falls 3 stories through stairwell during rooftop party

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East Village, MANHATTAN (PIX11) – It was an illegal rooftop party of 30 to 40 people, mostly NYU undergrads, at 159 Second Avenue. The time was 1:30 am. One of the NYU students, who friends described as slightly intoxicated, decided to jump six steps, from the top floor landing down to the next landing.

Instead, that marble slab stairwell platform collapsed and pancaked. The young man crash-landed three stories below.

“We were watching tv and heard this loud crash,” P. K. Rao, a resident of the top floor, told PIX11.

His roommate saw the young man in the debris from the stairwell.

“He was very lucky,” the roommate, also an NYU student, said. “He had broken ribs, a collapsed lung a, broken ankle, but he will be all right.”

As an ambulance rushed the injured young man to Bellevue, many of the other party-goers felt trapped on the roof and waited for an FDNY tower ladder to evacuate them using a bucket.

Others climbed over the gaping hole in the stairwell and entered an apartment and exited using a fire escape.

The FDNY was able to shore up the four collapsed stairwell landings and allow residents back into the building. The Emergency Rescue Team from the city Department of Buildings was on the scene all day and issued two violations to the building’s landlord, for failure to maintain landings and illegal occupancy of the roof.