Zach Galifianakis whips ‘cocky’ Justin Bieber with a belt on ‘Between Two Ferns’

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Zach Galifianakis has had it with Justin Bieber’s pot smoking, bucket peeing and reckless driving, and things got physical on the set of ‘Between Two Ferns’ during a recent spoof interview on Funny or Die.

“My guest today is Justin Beiber,” the 43-year-old comedian says drily, “It’s really exciting to talk to you especially in the middle of your public meltdown.”  Awkward silence follows until the 19-year-old pop singer finally asks if he’s going to say anything.

Galifianakis trades barbs with Bieber, calling him a 7-year-old and asking him what the last Happy Meal toy he received was.  Bieber jokes back that Galifianakis would probably be finishing fourth grade if he were his age.

“Your young punk attitude is not going to work in this interview,” says Galifianakis.  “Do you understand me son?”


Galifianakis goes after his music, his career (you’ve had three hair styles, what’s next?), his followers (beaners?), poor choice of words (Anne Frank belieber?), his celebrity friends (Joy Behar) and then goes after his recent behavior.

“You got caught on tape peeing into a bucket,” says Galifianakis, who blasts him for filming it and putting it “on Internets.”  “You’re too young to be smoking pot or, or pee-peeing in buckets and driving up and down the highway fast.”

“I don’t think your mom would really mind if a stranger whipped your son,” the Hangover star says while taking off his belt.  “You’re not spanking me man,” Bieber says.

Galifianakis does indeed, however, with Bieber playing a surprisingly good sport.  Watch the full clip below:

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Justin Bieber from Justin Bieber