Councilwoman calls for crackdown on SKUNKS that have invaded Inwood, Washington Heights

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When it comes to unruly pests digging through garbage cans, New York City residents expect raccoons or rats. But, upper Manhattanites are dealing with a more unusual varmint — skunks.

The Daily News is reporting skunks that invaded the streets of Inwood and Washington Heights, and one City Councilwoman is putting up a stink to get rid of them.

Councilwoman Ydanis Rodriguez is calling on city agencies to put a stop to the creatures that are roaming the neighborhoods at night, ripping up garbage bags and spraying their odor on dogs and buildings.

 “They pose a threat to the quality of life of the community with the propensity to spray their strong, odious scent,” Rodriguez wrote to city agencies about the creatures that are becoming plentiful in Fort Tyron park and surrounding areas.
Although skunks usually eat worms and rats, the cat-sized creatures aren’t opposed to dining on rotting trash, either.
A representative for the city’s Parks Department said that unless the skunk is rabid, the city won’t get involved. The rep did say, however, that the skunk popular in northern Manhattan has increased.
Outside agencies charge up to $350 to catch a skunk and release it into the wilderness or have it euthanized.
Residents also believe the Department of Sanitation is to blame for not picking up garbage later on in the day as opposed to late at night or early morning.
The Department of Sanitation declined to comment.
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