Barilla pasta chairman in hot water with New Yorkers after anti-gay remarks

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The owner of Barilla Pasta is in hot water, the family owned business has been around for decades and is known for it’s pasta and sauces as well as putting out commercials like this one with a family gathering for dinner, but recently Guido Barilla made a statement saying he would not allow homosexuals in his commercials and that to him a family is made up of a man and a woman.

“I would never make a spot with a homosexual family,” the company chairman told Italian radio Wednesday evening.

Barilla also added that if gays “like our pasta and our advertising, they’ll eat our pasta. If they don’t like it, then they will not eat it and they will eat another brand.”

The comments sparked outrage in the LGBT community and GLADD immediately posted a response on it’s website. New Yorkers in Kipps Bay could not believe what Barilla said and went as far as saying they would not buy Barilla products.

Keith Willams said, “I would not buy his pasta, as a business man you can’t say things like that, it’s insensitive and wrong.”

Ed Brown said, “There is always an out after the fact, he has it in his head.”

Barilla released an apology statment saying in part:

“To all of our friends, family, employees and partners I apologize for my insensitive comment. I understand that they were hurtful and that they are not a genuine view of my opinion.”