UN General Assembly traffic infuriates drivers — but thrills strip club workers

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) – It doesn’t take long for Joey as she goes by on stage to tell PIX 11 News what week it is, “It’s UN week.”

When asked if she looks forward to it?  “I do,” she quickly answers.

The reason?  It’s kind of obvious isn’t it? Members of delegations from across the globe looking to unwind after a day at the United Nations.

For some the the best way to do just that is to stroll past the velvet rope, get a drink, pull up a chair under the chandelier and take in the view. It is then that Joey focuses a bit more on her game, “I might want to mind my p’s and q’s we a little more.”

Joe Goncalves is part of the management team at Cheetahs in Times Square.  He’s been in the industry for 17 years.  As the General Assembly members descended upon New York, Goncalves describes the last 72 hours as, “We had one of our best weekends over this past weekend and we had a lot of foreign people come into the club.”

So how does it work?  How does a politician or diplomat make small talk with a dancer?

Well for one thing they don’t talk about the nation’s unemployment stats or its GDP.  Instead the dancers have a introduction via detail.  “Generally security will call us over and ask us to speak to the person. The person doesn’t always approach you,” says Joey.

When asked if that is weird? She simply says, “No.”

Joey isn’t thrown off by the power trip that some politicos may give off. She is intimately aware on how to read people as she proudly shares that, “I have a masters degree in psychology.”

As to whether or not dancing for a head of state with security around them can be intimidating? “I have security around me all night.  So no.  Not intimidating.”

What about what might be expected to be the biggest obstacle, the language barrier?  Well in the end it’s not much of an issue according to Goncalves, “For the most part, they are not walking around with translators and we are limited with the amount of languages we speak here, but if we get someone we can’t communicate here, we do the best we can.  Luckily girls dancing is a universal language and we can pretty much figure  out who they want and what they need without too many words.”

Ultimately Goncalves says that he expects the profits from this week to surge by double-digits at Cheetahs as well as sister property The VIP Club.