Some NYC schools missing textbooks and materials

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NYC Schools adopted a new Common Core Curriculum this year to meet the state’s new Common Core Standards.

But some school buildings, according to the union, have not received textbooks, training and teaching materials.

The Board of Education says some materials were always meant to arrive at the end of September. “Common Core is the most important improvement to classroom instruction in a generation,” a Department of Education spokesperson said. “It is appalling that Mr. Mulgrew is trying to undermine confidence in this historic improvement at a crucial moment for our children. His facts are wildly distorted. We recently completed the largest delivery of new textbooks in city history. All 1.6 million books have been delivered to students, completing a massive undertaking as part of the new Common Core era in our schools. Additional materials to supplement those textbooks were always scheduled to be delivered on a rolling basis, with some arriving in mid-September and those deliveries are on schedule.”

The United Federation of Teachers says, as of September 16th, more than 78 percent of chapter leaders responding to the survey said their schools still lacked all or part of the curriculum materials and supplies they needed for the reading portion of the Common Core, while 64 percent said they did not receive all the required materials in math. More than 360 chapter leaders whose schools ordered outside curriculum approved by the DOE have responded to the survey.

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