iPhone 5S finally hits stores — meet the guy who waited TWO WEEKS in line for it

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) — Hundreds of New Yorkers and tourists slept on the sidewalk outside the Midtown Apple store early Friday — some were there for two weeks and others just for a few hours.

But all were hoping to snag a new iPhone 5S.

Devoted iPhone customers were let in to the New York store starting at 8 a.m. on Friday. Apple employees cheered and clapped as the eager customers were more than happy to part with hundreds of dollars just to  get the latest iPhone.

Brian Ceballo was first in line. He slept outside for 15 days. He was most excited for “the fingerprint technology and the camera with the slow motion.”

Others said they were looking forward to the Touch ID fingerprint scan. It allows people to access their iPhones with a fingerprint instead of swiping or typing in a numeric code.

Justin Lockhart also waited in the elements for days. He traveled to New York from Ohio. Lockhart said Apple’s marketing strategy and enthusiasm for its customers “makes it feel like it was all worth it.”

Although not everyone got exactly what they wanted.

People told PIX11 that there was a limited supply of the metallic iPhone 5S phones and most people walked away with the space grey color.

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