Business owners around Yankee Stadium concerned at the departure of team legends

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A Friday night in September at Yankee Stadium means the sun is setting, the suds are flowing and the cash is piling up.

Yet bars and retail shops are batting nowhere near .400 in terms of sales.  In fact, as the home team fails to deliver, they’re profits are more in tune with the Mendoza Line, “I used to rack in like $2,000 to $3,000 a day and now we’re down  to a few hundred.”

Vendor Andrew Peguero is usually camped out below the 4-line along River Avenue, within seconds he cites the reason as to why sales are down, “The Yankees haven’t been doing so good and the players are leaving.”

Not just any players.  Their marquee players.  Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte are set to retire.  Alex Rodriguez will soon be tackling a lengthy suspension and Derek Jeter who is out due to injury has a future that Peguero describes as, “Not good.  Not good at all.  It’s not looking good.”

Ponder this for a moment, the franchise that has been built through legends named Gehrig, Ruth, Dimaggio, Berra and Mantle is staring at future filled with more questions than answer. Which is why businesses around the stadium are concerned, “Definitely worried, you know it’s not so much the uncertainty of the team but the uncertainty of management and ownership, it’s changed,” said Mike Rendino the of Stan’s Sports Bar.

Their establishment’s sales are down approximately 20%.  The reason for this is simple, the Yankees record, “If they win, the Yankees fans come in they want to spend money they want to do shots they want but merchandise. If Yankees fans lose they walk right by the bar, straight to the car, they want to go home, and they’re not happy.”

They were happy on Friday night.  They won 5 to 1. Mariano Rivera picked up the save.

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