Craigslist posting seeks Ghostbusters in Brooklyn for paranormal investigations

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With Halloween quickly approaching it must be the busy season for ghost busting.
One group of Ghostbusters in Brooklyn posted a help wanted ad on craigslist.

Does busting make YOU feel good?
Than this might be just the opportunity for you:
“Paranormal groups seeking investigators, mediums, and researchers.”
The ad was just posted on Craigslist this week… but don’t laugh.

Although to join this group of real life Ghostbusters you don’t have to be.
The qualifications are pretty simple you just have to be over 18, a team player, and having your own equipment is preferred.

If you’re interested you better act quickly because according to the ad, “Spots will fill up fast,”.
Oh but you have to be willing to investigate nights/overnights. Weekends are a must. And you have to do it for the love of the busting because it’s an un-paid position…
So close.

Turns out there are several groups of paranormal investigators throughout the city.
Most of them help real-estate agents clear vacant homes of unwanted spirits.

“If I saw a ghost, believe me, I’d be running the other way.”

Marco Ricci lives just across the street from Greenwood Cemetery.
Even though he’s not a strong believer in ghosts, Ricci says he can’t rule out the possibility that spirits are out there, so, he’s considerate.

“Like if I’m playing loud music I’m like, ‘Maybe that might disturb some of the people across the street,’. You want to be respectful,” Ricci said.  “You want to let them rest in peace.”

“While spooking the spirits might seem riskiest where they rest, the experts say, more often than not, cemeteries are more about history than haunting,” said Greenwood Cemetery Tour Guide Ruth Edebohls.  “They say that the people actually haunt the places where they die, where they suffer pain, not the cemeteries.

For about a decade, Ruth Edebohls has been a tour guide at Green-Wood Cemetery.
On her tours, Edebohls highlights the notable names buried at the national landmark, like “Boss’ Tweed and Horace Greeley.

But she says, in the past, history and horror have overlapped.

“There have been suicides in the cemetery, years ago, in the 19th century, people who are really bereft after a loved one dies.”

Still in all her time wandering the grounds, which include overnight tours, she says she’s never been haunted.

“I have never experienced anything myself, but you never know.”

But at least now, if she does, Edebohls knows there are a few people she can call.
And if you hurry, you could be one of them.

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