The price of face time with Bill de Blasio just went WAY up — to $75K

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Apparently the ‘Tale of Two Cities’ according to de Blasio does not include his story after his campaign recently made it known that the leading mayoral candidate wouldn’t show up at a fundraiser for less than $75K in campaign contributions.

Political strategist Basil Smikle said, “It’s not unusual when you have a candidate leading in the polls.”

It is about 15 times higher than he was charging for fundraisers before.

De Blasio has six weeks to raise serious money, but his campaign manager would not confirm a dollar amount.

Senior Reporter for Hollywood Chloe Melas told PIX11 de Blasio is just banking on his front-runner status, everyone wants to cash in at some point.

Celebrity A-listers like Brad Pitt and Kim Kardasian have received anywhere from $50 to $600 thousand to make an appearance.

City races have a spending cap so de Blasio can only receive about $5 thousand per person.