Woman shot dead in Brownsville hours after Mayor Bloomberg calls for end to online gun sales loophole

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Brownsville, BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Wednesday night, a 46-year-old mother of two was shot dead inside her Brownsville home on Chauncey Street, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend.

Sellis Gonzalez was home with her two children and ex-boyfriend when a domestic dispute began. The man told the children to go to a nearby store; when they returned, they found their mother with six gunshot wounds, three in the head and three in the torso.

Gonzalez’s suspected killer is still on the run.

Although many details of the horrible incident are still unclear, what is clear is this is another death caused by gun violence.

Just hours earlier, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization headed by Mayor Bloomberg, held a press conference to reveal the findings of an investigation on the so-called Craigslist of online gun sales, ArmsList.com. Tracing 1,400 of the website’s buyers using phone numbers and email addresses, the investigation found that one in 30 buyers had records that would prohibit them from owning a gun. Some of the buyers had charges included illegal possession of guns, domestic assault, order of protection violations and armed robbery.

The news conference came on the heels of Monday’s Navy Yard shooting rampage, where Aaron Alexis killed 12 people and injured several others. Alexis had a known past of mental health issues and gun violence, but was able to pass a background check and buy a shotgun gun legally in Virginia.

Mayor Bloomberg took focus on online gun sales, most of which happen between private buyers and sellers with no background checks — a loophole he says is exploited by criminals and puts the public at risk.

“At a minimum, all websites that facilitate should require buyers and sellers to provide verified personal information about themselves before they can complete transactions,” Bloomberg said.

Currently, federal law does not require people to do background checks on people who want to purchase firearms. As a result of that, Mayor Bloomberg says some 6.6 million guns are sold and transferred every year and some of those guns end up on the streets.