LICH stays open but what level of care can patients receive after SUNY’s downsizing?

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Nurses, doctors and other health care workers  could not emphasize the point enough, that

LICH was very much open for patient care.

However, a number of services were slashed and many physicians contracts not extended.

“There aren’t as many doctors, but there are still doctors available for giving care,” said one LICH nurse, Nathalie Faublas-Dorner.

According to union and hospital officials the Emergency Room sees about 65 to 80 patients a day.

As of Monday, the ICU was treated 11 patients. The number was down to five on Thursday. In total there are less than 20 in patients under the care of LICH doctors and nurses and even they admit they are not at full service.

“Have some services been cut down? Yes, but it’s not due to us. That is still due to SUNY,” ICU Nurse, Linda O’Neil.

A LICH Spokesperson said the hospital is not fully operational. Ambulance service was resumed, though more serious cases were directed to other hospitals.

A LICH spokesperson also told PIX  in the month of September alone the projected loss was up to $19 million. SUNY Chairman Carl McCall told the NYPost, LICH was draining money and must close.

Staff here, however, believe the number of patients they are seeing daily indicate otherwise.