Ethiopian girl gets an 8 lb. neck tumor removed at local hospital

Posted: 3:34 PM, Sep 19, 2013
Updated: 2013-10-17 14:46:16-04

Aster before and after her surgery.

(PIX11) — Last week, Aster Degaro, a 13-year-old from Ethiopia had a life changing surgery to remove an 8 lb. tumor on her neck she’s had since birth.

With help from the Little Baby Face Foundation, this brave girl was able to come to the states from Ethiopia and have this operation at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

Doctors Milton Waner and Thomas Romo worked on Aster for eight hours and completed the procedure without any complications.


Doctors say the tumor impeded Aster’s ability to speak, breathe, go to school and spend time with friends. They say the cyst would have eventually killed her. (Photo credit: Little Baby Face Foundation)

Aster and her father plan to stay in New York City for the next three months during recovery.

Though she and her father speak an extremely rare language endemic to their area in Ethiopia, volunteers from the Little Baby Face Foundation are helping to make their stay as easy as possible.


Aster will require multiple surgeries to completely remove the cyst from her face.

Web produced by Allison Yang