Clown terrorizing town in England

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If you are afraid of clowns, we hope you’re not in Northampton, England.

A spooky clown, dressed in white face paint with drawn on eyebrows, holding balloons just like Pennywise from Stephen King’s movie “It” has been terrorizing the British town.

Northampton clown

Photo credit: Spot Northampton’s Clown Facebook

Here’s the thing: he just stands around, not saying or doing anything besides being creepy.

There is now an investigation underway to find out who he is.

northampton clown 2

Photo credit: Spot Northampton’s Clown Facebook

The ‘Northampton Clown’ regularly communicates with the public through his Facebook page.

“See you around soon,” the clown posted on Friday the 13th.

The person behind the face paint talked exclusively with the Northampton Chronicle, saying, “Naturally, some people would have been extremely frightened by what they saw, but I hope many are starting to see it as a bit of harmless fun.”

While the clown may think it’s “harmless fun,” many people are not amused.

“[I] think the whole this is pathetic,” one woman commented on the clown’s Facebook page. “I work in a primary school and the kids are terrified! The more attention you give this moron the more it will escalate and people will jump on the bandwagon.”

There are people, however, who think it’s all in good fun.

“I think you are bringing some fantastic publicity to Northamptonshire. You can stand outside my house anytime!” a fan commented.

After saying he (or she) would be laying low for a while due to the bad publicity, the Northampton clown posted on Facebook Thursday, “I’ll be seeing you soon! Beep Beep!”