SEE IT: Man dangling outside Washington Heights apartment fire rescued by Good Samaritans

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Super crazy fire rescue

Workers came to the aid of a man Monday after a fire broke out in a Washington Heights building — and the precarious rescue was recorded on cell phone video.

In the video, a man in a red shirt is stranded on the fifth-story window ledge as black smoke pour out from behind him.  The man watches anxiously as two workers on the fire escape can be seen flailing with a ladder, unable to prop it securely against the uneven wall to rescue him.

As the smoke begins to billow out of the window the situation looks dire, and the two men on the fire escape jump into action.

The man holding the ladder jams it into an open window on the fourth floor.  The other risks his own life walking out to guide the dangling worker’s feet onto the thin, round steps of the ladder, four stories above solid concrete.

Amid cheers by those watching, a firefighter arrives on the scene to see the two men on the ladder and begins hollering, “Get over here! Get off, get off!”  The man recording can be heard saying, “You guys are late, beat it!”

The two make it safely across and the firefighters were able to douse the flames.

The man was not seriously injured.

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  • Shirley Lopez

    The courage that my father, cousin and his friend had to save a mans life. Hero is the word to describe all of them.

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