Recycled, repurposed, rejoice: Putting old things to new use

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Shop with a conscience.  That’s what online retailer UncommonGoods allows you to do.  It’s a Brooklyn-based online marketplace offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise and gifts at affordable prices. They are also known for their commitment to the environment through their company practices and the products they offer.  Erin Fergusson, one of the lead buyers at UncommonGoods shares with PIX11 anchor Sukanya Krishnan some of her favorite recycled and repurposed products from

SARI STORY, Product Price Range: $35-100
The following goods were made in India from upcycled Saris, the traditional dress of women in India.

­   SARI BAG<> ($35) – Layers of upcycled silk and rayon saris form a unique shoulder bag in a combination of colors and patterns.

­   SARI ROBE<> ($58) – Lounge in the lavish style of a true maharani with this luxurious robe made of rich strips of reclaimed saris.

­   SILK PATCHWORK SARI SCARF<> ($48) – This gorgeous scarf is a patchwork of luxurious, richly colored silk saris bound by an ancient technique referred to as “Kantha”.

­   KATHA BLANKET<> ($100) – To make each lightweight throw, individual saris are cut into strips and then hand stitched together with others to create a lovely, patterned pastiche and then united with bright, ticked kantha stitching, a crafting technique passed down for generations.

WOOD STORY, Product Price Range: $35-120
The following goods were made of upcycled and repurposed wood.

­   DRIFTWOOD IPHONE CHARGING BLOCK<> ($74) – These docks for iPhone and iPod are handcrafted from natural driftwood, polished to a velvety smoothness by sand and surf before washing up on the stony shores of Maine.

­   WOODEN 6-PACK BEER TOTE<> ($40) – Handcrafted out of redwood beams reclaimed from salvage yards in the San Francisco area, this mix-and-match beer tote is bound to become your best drinking buddy.

­   RECLAIMED WOOD COOKBOOK STAND<> ($120) – The sturdy slab of reclaimed timber used for this functional cookbook stand was salvaged from old buildings throughout Europe.

KITCHEN-WARE STORY, Product Price Range $50-60
The following goods were made of repurposed and found materials and are perfect for entertaining.

­   RECYCLED VERANO MARGARITA GLASSES<> ($55) – Talented Mexican artisans cleverly melt and hand-blow reclaimed glass and incorporate swirls and bursts of color to make each glass dance as it cradles your favorite summer drink.

­   HOCKEY STICK BBQ SET<> ($60) – Made from recycled hockey sticks, this grilling set is great for any wannabe winger or grilling goalie.

­   HORSESHOE HEART TRIVET<> ($50) – The fluid form of the heavy metal comes from the blacksmithing talents of Alexandra Paliwoda, who applies her skills to both shoeing horses and decorative work.

OFFBEAT MATERIALS STORY, Product Price Range $38-79
The following goods were made of materials once headed to a landfill and now are ideal for everyday use.

­   USPS MAIL SACK TOTE<> ($79) – Handmade from repurposed mail sacks, this sturdy, canvas tote delivers edgy style to your daily stash of cards, keys, notes and electronics.

­   UPCYCLED TENT DOPP KIT<> ($38) – Made from reclaimed fabric discarded in the manufacture of tents, it shares characteristics with its wilder peers–it’s durable, lightweight, and water and stain resistant.

­   HANDMADE SHARK SLIPPERS<> ($38) – Available for adults, toddlers, and babies, these upcycled sock sets make lounging around ferocious family fun.