Heineken Departure Roulette

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Christopher Columbus did it. Marco Polo tried it. However in modern times, the question is: who is willing to take a leap of faith and alter their travel plans for a trip to the unknown?

In the spirit of the above mentioned explorers, a daring new social experiment aptly titled “Heineken Departure Roulette” is taking place, which is primed to take participants “out of their comfort zone” akin to the adventures of Marco Polo and Columbus.

In the first stage of the “experiment” Heineken asked travelers arriving at an airport who were planning to board an international flight if they would completely relinquish their original destination to sojourn to a locale chosen for them based on spinning a  “Departure Roulette” wheel.

Some did!

People from around the United States have declared on social media that if given the opportunity to push the button to travel to an exotic location- they would indeed do so.

Consequently, the Departure Roulette board is now going “on the road” – to San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

Heineken is contacting various individuals who commented on Departure Roulette on social media. At first, they will be under the impression that they are being interviewed to afford their opinion on Departure Roulette for research purposes.

However their surprise will be the opportunity to put their social media “words to the test” and spin the Departure Roulette wheel to be whisked off to parts hitherto unknown!

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