Police prep for protesters on second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

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(PIX11) — Occupy Wall Street protesters are gearing up to celebrate the movement’s second anniversary Tuesday with rallies and marches, which means traffic and congestion will be front and center throughout the city.

Who can forget the early days of Occupy Wall Street.? The huge tent city in Zuccotti Park that was eventually torn down by police and the rallies and the marches, many of them ending in major traffic disruptions and arrests.

It was all supposed to change the world, transforming Wall Street and the “1 percent” who controlled the majority of the wealth and power. So what did they accomplish?

Inside Zuccotti Park Tuesday, protester Joanne Kathleen Farrell told  PIX11 News: ” We have accomplished many goals.  At times Monsanto stocks have dropped and they have banned Monsanto at certain places in the country.”

She went on to say: “We have had legal victories with the corporation.”  Farrell also mentioned Walmart: “We have seen Walmart produce rot on the shelves because we are teaching  Americans not to be stupid and buy from them.  We are changing the world.”

But Wall Street has not crumbled, the markets have gotten stronger and you don’t hear a lot from Occupy Wall Street as the group has largely gone underground.

Last year’s anniversary ended in arrests. This year, a number of events are planned, including a march in support of fast-food workers and another urging a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street to help the poor.

But unlike years past, the initial turnout for the first celebration in the park drew only a handful of protesters, raising questions about the movement’s long-term viability.

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