NY pet cemeteries to allow humans to be buried alongside their beloved pets

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WESTCHESTER (PIX11) – With tens of thousands of pets in the tri-state area, it’s no surprise there are pet cemeteries for when your beloved animal passes.

But now the state is allowing something new inside those cemetery gates.

When doing a story on pet cemeteries, it would be easy to reference movies like “All Dogs Go to Heaven” or the horror flick actually titled “Pet Sematary.”

But when you walk through these gates in Westchester, all preconceived notions fall by the way-side.

Here at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, people visit their late furry best friends like you would a family member.

Rosane Capano visits the remains of her dog Brandy every week like clock-work.

“Every Saturday, I visit mom and dad at the gate of heaven, and then I come here,” Rosane said.

An animal lover to the core, Rosane says she hopes to have some of her ashes also spread with Brandy’s one day.

A once frowned upon act by the state, is now legal according to new a new regulation.

The state’s new rules say New York pet cemeteries can accept the cremated remains of people to be placed with their adoring pets.

Each year, there are about 500 animals that get buried in this cemetery. Out of those 500, there are a handful of people who asked to have their remains be put with their pets.

“This is their plot, they have the rights to this,” said owner Ed Martin.

Martin said he was previously told humans and pets together were not allowed.

But after countless calls from pet lovers to the state, that decision was reversed.

“I’m honored that people come here and think that much of this cemetery,” Martin said.

And for pet owners like Rosane, the new change is a relief.

“Love is a thing that should last forever, and I’ll be doing this forever,” she said.


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